Monday, August 8, 2016

Las Vegas part 1

We headed out of Phoenix around 2pm Sunday.  I didn't plan very well for things for Peter to do in the car, but the girls seemed to do well with their toys.  Keith and I had borrowed The Chronicles of Narnia on CD from his sister so we listened to the The Magician first and then started the Boy and His Horse.  It was so fun and much more interested and entertaining to have a book to listen to.  Can't wait for the kids to be more involved and enjoy it.  We got into Las Vegas and went to the hotel.  We were at the Homewood Suites just south of the strip.  We got all our stuff in and then had to find some dinner.  Keith's work gives him a stipend to use for meals.  We went to Panda Express at Town Square Mall.  It was Pretty late so by the time we got back to the hotel we put kids down.  It is SO challenging to get kids to go to sleep in a new place AND all in the same room.  We had the lights out and I was sitting by Peter in the pack and play while we had lullaby music playing on my phone.  I was sitting there just looking at my photos and reliving my life just a short week ago.  I looked at my pictures of my baby and tried to remember all the details I could of that day.  I sat there crying with my phone in the dark and missing my baby. One week down...

Keith's work was a half mile across the street so he just walks so that I have the car.  We got up and headed down to the eating area.  Our hotel had a breakfast and light dinner included (we never did the dinner, but the breakfast fed us and we usually took bagels back to our room to have for lunch).  Today Ada woke up complaining that she felt like throwing up.  She did (in the toilet, luckily).  So I had her staying the room at watch channel 8 while I took the other two for breakfast and brought food back for Ada.  I think the Panda Express didn't settle well with her and so once she got it out she was fine and never struggled again.

 After breakfast we decided to go down on the strip and check out the Hershey store and the M&M store.  We drove down and parked at New York New York and went exploring.

The Hershey store was kind of lame.  It was just stuff to buy. But, they did have a cool statue of Liberty made of Twizzlers, chocolate (in the picture) and we found on in the casino made of jelly beans.  Otherwise, not much to do there so we headed over to see the M&M store.

 The M&M store was much more entertaining.  There was a wall that had the M&Ms all in containers by colors.  I let the kids each pick a color and get some candies.  Then on the third floor there was a a little theater and they played a little 15 minute movie in 3D.  Peter would not keep the glasses on and didn't really like the movie; however the girls loved it!  They kept reaching out their hands to try and touch the 3D pictures.  There are four levels of the m&M store so we explored them all and then headed back to the car.  It was lunch time so we headed back to the hotel to make our lunch.  I had brought apples and veggies and peanut butter and nutella.  We ate that with the bagels from breakfast.  Then I put Peter's pack and play in the bathroom (it was a HUGE bathroom) so it would be dark and we could close the door.  Got him to sleep while the girls played barbies.  We read some books and they played while he napped.

Keith got off work at 4:30.  We waited for him at the splash pad by his work.  Then we went to dinner at Claim Jumper.  After dinner we went down to New York New York and parked.  We just walked up the strip.  We saw a group of guys doing a street show but they were kind of annoying.  They kept making racial jabs (about white people) and that was annoying.  We did make it all the way to the Bellagio so we could watch the water show with the kids.  It was a LOT of walking and it was warm and busy.  The kids were pretty burned out by the end and we got home after bed time.  They were quick to fall asleep this night.

We woke up and went down to breakfast together.  I decided to go ahead a splurge and take the kids to the aquarium at the Mandalay Bay.  I only had to pay for Ada and I so it was the cheaper than going to the children's museum.  The hotel we stayed at had a shuttle service that went to Mandalay Bay and then I wouldn't have to worry about paying for parking.  We took the shuttle at 10 (the shuttle only went every two hours...a little inconvenient).  The first thing inside the aquarium was a crocodile, which was the girls FAVORITE animal of the day.  Peter on the other had was terrified of it.  He would NOT go near the glass and if I took him too close to the glass he'd scream.  We stood there for quite a while and then made our way through the exhibits and in the end made our way BACK to this crocodile to watch him for a while more.
 I have not been to many aquariums, and this was really cool to me.  We saw piranhas, sharks, sting rays, all kinds of fish, jelly fish, sea turtles, and so much more that I don't remember the names of.  They even had a place where the kids could touch sting rays and horseshoe crabs.  The kids LOVED that part as well.  I would have been happy to just stay in there and watch all day, but the kids got hungry and around 12:30 we left.  Sadly, that meant we had JUST missed the shuttle and now would have to wait until 2 to get a ride back to our hotel.
 I thought the Jellyfish were SO cool.  They are incredible to watch.
 Not going to lie, I was very worried about keeping the kids entertained for an hour and a half with no where really to go.  We found the tram and rode it back and forth to Excalibur.  Then walked around Excalibur and found a Yougurtland so we stopped for ice cream.  The kids thought it was SO cool to get ice cream in the middle of the day.  I am very proud of myself for surviving that hour and a half, but man was I worn out by the time we got on the shuttle.  Peter napped, I laid down and the girls watched channel 8 until Peter work up and it was time to get Keith.

For dinner we went to Bahama Breeze.  For some reason Keith is obsessed with that place and he was so excited to get to eat there as there are no longer any locations in Phoenix.  After dinner we again parked at New York and explored the Luxor and excalibur.  We got home closer to bedtime and luckily the kids were still good and worn out and went to bed fairly quick.

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