Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My life is about to get interesting

It is Sunday April 17th.  I feel a bit yuck-o so this won't last long.  Started feeling not so fabulous yesterday and all this week I've been waiting to "start" with no success.  Keith and I have been trying for number 4 since December, but with no luck.  March was our "no go month."  After Ada's birth in December I have no desire to repeat that again. We decided for that month we would be careful and not get pregnant...
...We failed.  Apparently all the months we were trying wasn't good, the ONE month we decide to try NOT getting pregnant...I get pregnant.  With the other three I took the test alone and told Keith later.  Tonight, feeling sick again, I got the test out (thank you dollar store...all I have ever used and always been accurate).  We sat down together and put the drops in.  Two pink lines later, here I am confused and happy/sad.  You can't be sad to be pregnant when you have been trying, but sad that it didn't work how I wanted.  Yes, I am that selfish.  Keith and I are going on our trip in a month and a half and I was thinking even that we should wait till that was over.  I am usually always sick and if I'm pregnant I will be a bit limited.  I want to be ecstatic, but I think it needs to set in and I've got to wrap my head around this.  There must be a reason and I just need to trust in Heavenly Father.

Holy cow...we are having a baby!

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