Thursday, June 30, 2016

Anniversary Trip Day 6

Time to go home!  Bitter sweet feelings.  I couldn't wait to hold my babies, but I hated to leave this special place and time of just us in this little bubble where there weren't problems like what faced us at home.  Keith and I didn't have internet while we were there so we weren't distracted with phones of social media.  It was just us in this magically bubble of happiness.  No distractions, or frustrations between us, it was just loving and fun (minus me being sick so often).  The van was suppose to get us at 12:30 to go to the airport.  Our check out time was 12.  We had breakfast and finished packing.  Then took our bags down to the front where the bell boys held if for us.  We walked around the grounds of the resort and just took in the beauty one last time.  I had made it so many days not crying uncontrollably and just didn't want to leave our paradise and face it all again.  Just before breakfast buffet ended we ran in and ate again since we wouldn't be there for the lunch buffet and would have no more free food till we got home.  I stuck a few breads and mini cereal boxes in my bag to snack on later.  Then we waited for our van.
walking around the grounds and just enjoying the jungle
 Our morning on the beach checking out the aftermath of the huge storm the night before!
 Leaving our room for the last time.  Sad
We got to the airport and quickly made it through security and got to our gate.  It started pouring outside again and I started getting scared it was going to mess up our flight.  It did a little.  We had to leave a little later which through things off a little later.  The plan was to go Cancun to Fort Lauderdale, then to Dallas, then to Phoenix (which is what we were suppose to do going to Cancun).  The flight to Fort Lauderdale was fine.  A little bump but not too bad.
 Leaving our paradise and heading back to reality.
 Our flight landed late in Florida so from landing to our next flight going we had an hour (to get off, get through customs, go through security again, check bags and get to our gate).  There were about 6-8 other people going our same route.  Sadly, no one would give us a break and let us just go to the head of the line and we had a VERY tight time frame.  Customs took FOREVER and was so inefficient.  It was frustrating.  They did finally call the people trying to make it to Dallas aside and let us go through a different customs line.  Probably because our plane was boarding and we still have to go through security, check our bags back in and get to our gate.  Security was a bit snooty and rude, but they did finally let our little group hurry though.  We took our bags to the check in and the guy there said to just drop it with him and run.  So we did.  We sprinted through the dumb airport to our gate (they were calling final boarding while we were at security).  We made it to our plan, but I was SO tired and thirsty and hungry and of course...Spirit Airlines offers you NOTHING! So I had to be starving and totally thirsty for 2 hours till we got to Dallas.  Luckily we'd spent lots of time there so we knew right were to run and get food and drinks as our next flight was very quickly boarding there.  We scarfed down a Wendy's burger and fries and got on our next flight headed for home!  I was feeling very worn out, anxious to be home and bored.  I had not planned well for travel entertainment and was getting very restless.  Next time I need to get some books on my iPod or something.  The flight was again, just over 2 hours.  We landed in Phoenix sometime around midnight.  We went down to baggage claim to get our bags...and they never came....and they never came.  We noticed that the other 6-8 people that we'd run through the airport in Fort Lauderdale were all standing there too.  Well after Midnight now we all trudge over to the Spirit counter.  Three ladies are there, but two of them quickly leave and now all of us are standing there (grumbling about our poor Spirit Airline experience) waiting for her.  The computers are HORRIBLY slow and she says she can't find our bags.  We explain many time our Fort Lauderdale insanity.  One at a time she has us tell her the information and fill out the missing baggage claim.  We were lucky enough to be the last two.  So, by 2:00AM we were finally leaving the blasted airport.  I was angry now on top of exhausted and hungry and hot.  We took the Sky train to it's last stop where we called and Uber (kind of like a taxi) to come get us and take us to Kevin's house to get our car and go home.  It was a very scary part of town to be waiting to get picked up and honestly, I just cried.  We got picked up, made it to Kevin's house and Keith drove us home.  We got home sometime around/after 3AM.  Glad to finally be home!

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