Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anniversary Trip Day 5

We woke up and had to be outside the front office by 8:30 to get picked up for the snorkeling and dolphin trip.  It was being held at another resort further south closer the Playa Del Carmen.  The van picked us up and we headed there.  Once there we met up with a big group from all other places and they put us into two groups to go out first snorkeling.  The reef is out away from the beach, but you could still see the waves crashing (just like at our beach) at the reef out a bit.  We got into a boat and were handed goggles, flippers and life vests.  The boat took off and I was so worried about getting sea sick.  I don't know why and am kicking myself in retrospect, but for some stupid reason I didn't take a dramamine before this.  We were on the boat for a while (like 20-30 minutes).  I didn't get sick because we had the wind blowing and the excitement kept me in the moment.  As we got to the spot they dropped the anchor and started going over the rules and procedures.  All of a sudden I started feeling panicky.  We weren't suppose to let our legs hang down and they asked us all if we were sure we could swim well.  I can swim, but am I a "good swimmer"? He showed us how to put on the gear and explained not to let the mouth hole go under water.  Just all these things I didn't know and I started feeling stressed.  I put on the goggles and accidentally breathed in through my nose (because that's normally how I breath) and it sucked the goggles to my face and I couldn't get air.  That certainly didn't help.  Keith kept saying, breath through your mouth.  So I decided to keep the goggles on until it was time to get in so I could be use to breathing through my mouth.  Then it was time to get in the water.

 This is the ride out (see how perky and happy we still look)
 Time came to get in.  They told us we could just jump over the edge of the boat of go down the ladder.  I was still in panic mode.  Keith was worried I think, but I told him I'd at least get in and try.  He jumped and I went down the ladder.  As soon as I was in the water, the panic totally faded away.  I weirdly had to hold the mouth piece with my hand to subconsciously remind myself that was where to breath.  As long as I was holding it I was find and able to just look around.  It was amazing and I was so enthralled that I wasn't scared at all.  The guide had told us to watch for and follow him.  This is where we needed to be able to swim well.  I was very proud of myself, I was usually one of the 4 people closest and able to keep up.  Guess I am a good (ish) swimmer!
 In my mind I thought it would be this super colorful Finding Nemo type world.  It wasn't super colorful, but it was very interesting.  The fish just swam in and out of the coral and it was awesome to see the variety of coral and fish (even if it wasn't bright colors).  The whole time you are just floating along the surface being tossed by waves.  I didn't really notice much until the guide led us very close to where the waves were crashing.  I really felt like this portion was a waste and wish I hadn't.  It was pretty hard to swim and I quickly felt exhausted and the constant crashing waves were much more vigorous and I started to feel nauseated.  Plus, with the waves crashing the water was all bubbly and cloudy and we couldn't see much.  This part kind of killed me physically and I was really sick.  I even almost got cut on some coral that was really high and a waved pushed me over.  I had to go as flat as I could and try to wiggle out from under it.  I kept up for a little bit more but just felt really awful.  I'd stayed close to the guide, but always within sight or touch of Keith.  I finally decided I needed to head back or I was going to throw up.  I got to Keith and told him I was going to head back.  He asked if I wanted him to go with me.  I felt bad and didn't want him to miss out.  I didn't know how much longer there was so I told him to just stay that I was fine.

 I headed back to our boat.  Felt kind of dumb as I was the only one heading back.  I was just swimming along but still looking at everything and seeing under the water.  All of a sudden I see this rock looking thing start moving.  It was a SEA TURTLE!!!  Holy cow, it was incredible.  It was just swimming along slowly.  I poked my head up to see where the boat was and make sure I knew where I was and then just started following it.  I followed it for a while and then poked my head up again to check on the boat.  I saw the people on the boat calling to me.  They probably thought I'd gotten "lost" or didn't see the boat.  I didn't want them to freak out or send someone after me and the turtle was going in the opposite direction now of the boat.  I looked one last time then headed to the boat.  I got on board and they all said they were worried I was lost (as I'd thought) so I told them I was following a turtle.  They all got excited and asked where it went.  It was cool.  I may have been the only one to get sick, but I was also the only one who got to see the turtle.  I didn't get any pictures because Keith's phone was the only one with a water case and he had it.  I told them I was sick and they got me a sprite to calm my tummy.  Pretty much as soon as I got on the boat I noticed the group coming back.  So, I was only 5-10 minutes ahead.  Keith got back and sat with me.  I told him about the turtle and he was SO bummed he hadn't come back with me.  I was too sick to move so we just sat there at the back of the boat.  We sailed may 10-15 minutes away and they dropped anchor.  It was 45 minutes in one location, than 45 minutes in the next.  I was feeling better, but I knew I was not ok.  Keith asked if I was going to come and I told him I'd come when I felt ok, if I felt ok.  He went on in and I felt so frustrated.  I HATE being sick and always missing doing things because I'm sick.  I decided to give it a try.
 I'm SO glad I did.  This part was amazing.  The guide had fish food that he'd thrown in so there were just hundreds of these stripped fish everywhere.  Just bumping into your face and body.  It was SO cool!

 We stayed here for 10 minutes and then the group started moving back out farther from the boat.  I wanted SO bad to go, but I was barely keeping it together at that point.  I told Keith I was going back.  The group started moving on.  I sadly didn't make it very far back to the boat and just started throwing up.  Gross, I know.  I felt terrible.  All I could think was I was contaminating the water.  But I couldn't help it.  So horrible and embarrassing! I made it to the boat and just sat there the rest of the time.  This time many people came back throughout the time.  I wasn't alone on the boat for long.  No one else threw up that I know of, but leave that to me!  I did calm down and start to feel a little less sick, but had to just stay put and not move around much.  Keith had a great time and saw a little sting ray and a spotted eel.  I'm so glad he was able to have a good time and enjoy.  I was too embarrassed to tell him I'd thrown up till we made it back to land and were having lunch.  We ate at the buffet at this resort.  I was still SO sick and queasy I pretty much just ate chips and a few black beans and sprite.  I drank like 3 or 4 sprites.  After lunch was our Dolphin part of the trip.
 We were very excited about this.  It's definitely something we'd again NEVER do and probably won't  be able to do again.  The place reminded me of Sea World and was very Americanize if that makes sense.  We we went through to get our wrist bands there was again a sign that said if you are pregnant to let them know.  We debated it and I thought maybe if you were then they just didn't let you do the standing trick with them which I was fine with.  So, we told them.  Again, wish i had NOT!!!!!  I was then no longer allowed to do basically anything.  I could pet them.  We have no pictures because they had a photographer with each group and we were not allowed to take cameras or phones.  They took us in a group of like 14.  We took on this 3-4 foot ledge in the pool.  There was a trainer and she explained what to do.  It was VERY hard to understand her and her accent was very thick.  Everyone had a hard time understanding her.  We each had a turn petting their fins, giving a kiss, and holding them so that they would smile (one hand on top and underneath between the blow hole and their face).  This was ALL I was allowed to do.  DUMB!  Everyone else then took turns going out and got to ride in holding the dolphins (there were two dolphins with our group) top fin.  Then they each took turns going out and would float on their tummies and the dolphins would swim up behind and push the bottoms of your feet till you where standing up above water kind of.  So lame, but I am very glad Keith was able to at least do it and enjoy.  I was pretty grumpy about it and a bit of a sore sport during this.  I miss out on so many things because I'm pregnant over the years.  This took over and hour and we were just standing there in the sun.  I don't usually sunburn, but because I never got a turn to actually swim out in the water my shoulders got a bit roasted and red.  You could buy the pictures that the photographer took but it was $40 for one and then $120 for the cd.  We decided not to (I was still grumpy about not getting to do much).  We had about an hour until our van came to take us back to our resort.  I wasn't as sea sick so we played on the beach at this resort.  It was the softest sand I'd ever felt and so we just walked around on the beach and played in the water.

 We made it back to the resort and I was SO tired and still feeling the movement of the waves.  To top it off my shoulders were burned and hurt.  Keith let me lay down while he went to find out information about check out the next day.  Don't know that I actually slept, but it was very nice to rest. The sun started to go down and it randomly blew in with another storm.  This one was HUGE though, so much scarier than the night before.  This one did have lightening and thunder and the rain just flooded everything.  We had dinner reservations at the Italian place again at 9.  8:30 came and it was SO crazy outside and I was starving so we just ran over.  It was conveniently the restaurant closest to our room, but we were drenched even with an umbrella.  It was a very crazy storm.  The lights even flickered a few times and I got a bit nervous.
 I didn't feel well so I just had two bread bowls of clam chowder soup (best clam chowder I'd very had in my life).  The bowls were small, but I managed to eat most it.  I didn't eat much.  I just felt so sick.  Keith got the swordfish again.  After a little bit I felt bad, but I just had to go.  I was worried I was going to throw up in the restaurant.  We hurried back and I pretty much had to stay in bed the rest of the night.  Keith talked to the kids for a bit but we went to bed fairly early as we were both very worn out.

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