Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Anniversary Trip Day 4

This was our day we'd scheduled our couples message.  Our appointment was at 9am so we took it easy getting dressed and having breakfast.  Went into the place and had us fill out paperwork (where is it sore and such).  It asked if I was pregnant.  When I told people here in Mexico it magically seemed ok and like it was a happy thing.  We'd felt so much pain and anguish the past few days with it, it was hard to even feel excitement over the pregnancy.  But here, when we told people it was just a happy thing.  So, filled in that I was (kind of wish I hadn't).  First they did this "therapy" thing where you sat in the sauna, then went to a steam room, then to a cool waterfall rinse off, sat in a Jacuzzi, walked on rocks and then sat in a lounge chair and they messaged your head and neck.  You just have a swim suit on during this portion and it's inside.  In the sauna room it was so very warm (yes, I know that's the point) and so I laid down.  The lady came in with an iced washcloth and put in on my face (felt amazing).  I wasn't sure how this worked, if I was just suppose to come out when I was done or wait.  I am a chicken, so I just endured until she came and got me.  Then we went to the steam room.  It was SO steamy I couldn't even see anything, it was incredible. Again, an icy washcloth felt amazing.  I found that if I tried to breath through my nose I felt like I was drowning, so I had to breath through my mouth.  I've never been in a steam room so it was very interesting.  I again waited until she came to get me.  Then I went in the standing tub of cool water that had a little waterfall pouring into it.  That felt so good after sweating profusely through two stations.  I wanted to stay longer in their, but it was a quick stop.  The Jacuzzi was so nice and she gave me watermelon water to drink and I just sat there.  SO relaxing and quiet.  I'm basically never alone at home or anywhere quiet, so this was serene.  Then the stone walking.  I thought it was a little weird.  There was just a little path with big river rock and water spraying out about ankle high.  I felt weird walking to one end then walking back, but it was still cool.  Then the lady gave me a robe and took me outside to a little ramada with couches and I sat and waited for Keith.  When he came out they walked us out to the palapa (pictured below) for the message.  This is where I wished I'd not written I was pregnant.  I wasn't allowed to lay on my stomach for the message, I had to lay on my side and it was kind of uncomfortable.  I'm not THAT pregnant and can still totally lay on my tummy.  So I didn't get the back and neck messaged quite like I was hoping.  However, still very peaceful and the sound of the ocean was amazing.  Fairly certain I may have dozed off even for a minute.  Keith thought that was funny, but let's face is NEVER quiet and relaxing and my body just couldn't stay awake.  And, it's not like I was ASLEEP, just very zoned out.  Half way through she had me roll to the other side.  Still wish I'd not said anything.  It was wonderful and though Keith and I weren't like together for every bit, it was amazing and I just felt so calm and relaxed.

 After the message we got dressed and went to the buffet which was still only serving breakfast.  It was too early for lunch, but we decided to get a few things to take with us to munch on (at every meal they had wonderful tiny loaves of different breads. I usually stashed a few in my purse to snack on through out the day.  I have to eat little meals more regularly to help with the nausea). I had been raining on and off all morning.  It is kind of like Phoenix rain where it DUMPS for a few seconds and then quits.  It was totally dry when we went to eat lunch and when we came out everything was drenched!  The resort was down this tiny road a mile or two from the Puerto.  We wanted to see REAL Mexico and Keith wanted to show me more of life in this area of Mexico.  We didn't want touristy, so we left the resort and walked into the Puerto.  Down there they have what are called Combes (spelling?) that are vans that the locals CRAM into and they drive around the city.  The people know where the "stops" are, but there aren't signs or things.  It's like 5 pesos to ride and is what the people there use.  We got into the Puerto (which is the part of the city right by the coast).  We wanted to get to the Pueblo, which was a mile or so away and across the freeway.  The plan was to take the Combe to the Pueblo and then explore there.  We (Keith) asked a few people around where the Combe stopped and we sat on a bench for a few minutes until it showed up. I have to admit, it was SO much fun to pretend to be locals and do what they would do than always "resorting" it.  The combe took us to the Pueblo and dropped us off and of course it was starting to rain.  We went into the Super Chedraui which Keith was SO excited about.  This like a Walmart of this area.  They are frequent and even inside kind of looks like one.  Keith said he shopped at Chedraui all the time on his mission.  He was very excited to find this and be able to go in.  
When we came out of Chedraui it was POURING so we had to wait till it calmed down a bit.  I don't have a problem walking in the rain, but didn't want to drown either.  Once it calmed down to rain/drizzle we started off.  Just walking around the street

 A few times it would start DUMPING again and we'd duck under a tree or into a tiny market and wait for it to calm down.  There was so much to see it was amazing.  We ducked one time into this little fruit stand.  We found this tiny fruit that Keith had been looking for.  It was green and looked like a lime, but was the size of a quarter and grew on branches/vines like grapes kind of.  You'd bite peel and it easily split open.  You'd pull off the top part of the peel and inside was the white slimy fruit that you then had to suck out of the other half of the peel.  All I could think was it felt like I was trying to suck a tiny alien out of its egg shell.  There wasn't a ton of "meat" to the fruit and inside the slimy white was a big pit.  It was very unique and not quite in season so a bit tart.  Keith had been looking for these though and we found this in this market.  We grabbed a branch that had maybe 10 on it and went to pay.  The man saw that was all we had and told us we could just have it.  It was SO sweet.  That's one thing I love here, the people (not tourist places) are SO loving and giving.  I remember that from when we went to Mexico City to pick up my brother from his mission.  Anyway, sweet man and Keith was thrilled.  It was weird, but so cool to share this part of his mission life with him.  We continued walking and he's point out things and talk about how it was like in his mission.  I think this may have been my favorite day.  I LOVE the rain and we spent pretty much the whole day in it, and being with Keith.  This man LOVED his mission.  He loves this people and this culture and it was extremely touching to see him reminisce.  To see him light up at seeing broken down houses that had hammocks hanging in the doorway (hammocks are what people sleep in here and that's what Keith slept in for his mission) or random fruit stands or tiny stores. We talked to an old man who makes hammocks and sells plants and he took us around his yard and showed us around.  He was so kind and humble.  We really wanted to find hammocks to buy.  Again, this is how people sleep down here so they make a different kind of hammock and Keith wanted to bring a few home (we'd bought one on the shopping tour and had the free one we got from the resort).  We decided to see if we could track down missionaries because they would know where everything was. We ducked into a little store and Keith asked the girl where to find the missionaries.  She said there were some in the Pueblo, but she didn't know where.  We walked out and Keith was explaining to me what she had said and I look up and there a BLOCK away I see missionaries about to cross the street.  It was incredible!  We took off running after them.  They were so funny.  One was from Nevada and the other was local so he didn't speak English.  We talked the English speaking one (I think more for my sake) and asked him about the mission and about the Pueblo.  Keith had so much fun talking to them.  It was so cute!  We asked them where to find hammocks and they only knew on guy (the one with the plants and he only had one he wasn't finished making yet).  We turn to look at a street they were pointing to and what do we see?  A guy walking our way carrying a big rack of hammocks!  He was from another Pueblo and had come here to sell the ones he was carrying.  Seriously, what are the odds!  It was so cool!  We picked out one and Keith was again, SO thrilled and giddy about the hammock and talking to the missionaries.  We walked some more down the "poor" section of town.  It was very humbling and incredible.  Tiny houses built with sticks and cardboard.  It helps put what's really into perspective and find joy in all we have been blessed with.  We stopped into a few shops and bought a few snacks (I was getting mighty hungry).  Then asked and found where the Combe would come by to take us back to the Puerto so we could walk around there.

 The combe took us back to the Puerto and we walked out to the pier.  There was a tiny light house on the beach.  It was VERY windy so we didn't stay on the pier too long.  I felt like this portion was more touristy, but had lots of little tiny shops too.  We ducked in to look and see if they had any of the shirts Keith really liked.  We'd bought one, but he wanted a plain one with the four pockets (gyavaras?)  We found this sweet little old lady and she had many.  She helped him find one and try on.  She gave us a deal and was SO sweet.  She kept calling herself our abuela and gave us hugs and kisses when we left.  It was so cute!  We then realized it was about 3:40 and the buffet at the resort for lunch ends at 4.  We had not officially eaten lunch, just munched on the bread i'd taken from breakfast and the bag of crackers we'd bought at one of the shops.  I was feeling very tired and very hungry.  In order to make it back in time we had to HURRY!  It took us 30 minutes at least to walk it the first time, but we had 20 minutes or less this time.  Of course it didn't decided to rain at this point, lame!  It was muggy and very warm and we were drenched in sweat by the time we scrabbled in.  We made it before 4, only to find out lunch buffet goes to 4:30!!!  AHHH!  We were so glad to sit down though and eat.

 After our lunch we were pretty sore and sweaty gross.  Feel bad that all the wonderful relaxingness of our message was pretty much gone.  We were sore and tired.  We changed and went and sat in the resort Jacuzzi.  It was wonderful and looked out over the ocean.  It sprinkled on and off.  After a good while we walked down the the infinity pool just outside our hotel room.  We started swimming and it again DUMPED!  It rained so much and huge drops.  There wasn't any lightening so we stayed in the water for a bit enjoying the rain and craziness of the storm around us.

 We then went in and got dressed for our dinner reservations at the Italian restaurant.  This was Keith favorite place!  I even tried a Shirley Temple just for the fun of it.  Keith ordered swordfish to try.  He isn't really a fish eater, so he was nervous about it.  Apparently he LOVED it and it was amazing.  I did snitch a little bite and it was yummy.  Food cooked by people who are good cooks really does make a big difference.  How am I going to go back to my crappy cooking after all this amazing food?
I wasn't nearly as sick tonight so we called the kids when we got back to the room and had a fun visit with them. The next day was our snorkeling and dolphin excursions so we went to bed early so weird be rested for that.

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