Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Anniversary Trip - Day 2

My greatest relief being on the trip was that I didn't have to wake up at the crack of day with demanding children (that I love).  I was looking forward to sleeping in.  Not super early (but before I wanted to wake up) Keith tapped me and asked me the time or something.  I don't remember what a said, but rolled over.  A few minutes later he tapped me again and asked me to hand him my journal book so he could write something down.  I am ashamed to admit, but I was a tad annoyed.  I just wanted to sleep without someone waking me! I reach over to grab it and there on my journal is a little black jewelry box (yes, yes I did immediately feel guilty at having had grumpy feelings).  Inside was beautiful little diamond earrings.  I can't wear anything unless it is really gold, so I don't have many earrings I can actually wear.  They are beautiful and I was totally surprised.  We had said no gifts since we were doing this trip.  I felt so guilty I had nothing for him.  He is just too good to me!
We were awake now and the view was to beautiful so we decided to just go get some breakfast at the buffet.

 Breakfast was amazing and so many options.  We again ate way to much and even snuck some bread back to our room (not that we needed to sneak it out) to munch on later.

 We went over to the consciere desk to find out about going into town later to do some shopping.  The lady (marcella) was funny.  They were trying to get people to do this sells pitch to get you and buy a membership to come back to their hotels.  We survived the hour and denied everything and got our coupons and free hammock.  Worth the wasted hour so that we could afford to do the shopping tour and get massages.  We then hurried down to the beach for the play time in the ocean.  The water was warm and we got in.  It was nice and sandy on shore, but once you got in it was really rocky and lots of vegetation.  It didn't really get very deep and because the reef is pretty far off and that's where the waves crash it wasn't even really wavy.  The water was pretty calm so we had fun trying our our snorkeling goggles.  It was really cool.  There wasn't tons to see other than rocks and a few plants.  However, there were a few little white fish that were attacked to my bright shorts and would swim up to my shorts.  We played at that for a bit and then went up on the shore to relax and have a drink.  I ordered an orange juice and Keith his piñata (virgin pina colada).  We were sitting there and all of a sudden a see this older dad carrying a boogie board in on hand and holding his 13 yr old-ish daughters hand.  This sweet girl had Down's Syndrome.  Her dad took her out in the ocean and was teaching her how to use the boogie board.  I had made it two days without sobbing, but this broke me.  I just cried and cried.  Keith jumped up and came running over.  I pointed out this sweet man and his daughter and we just sat there a cried for a bit.  It made me sad, but it also was weirdly comforting.  Here was this daddy still able to take his daughter out in the ocean and play with her.  She was able to go on a vacation and do things with her family.  Keith is such a good dad, I want him to be able to play with this baby too and do things with her.  It was just kind of a special moment for us.  We held each other and cried for a bit.

Keith then went down to ask about the kayaks and wind boat rides they had there on the beach (free to use if you are staying at the hotel).  We were third on the list to go on the wind boat so we took the double kayak out for a little bit till it was our turn.  It was fun and we went all the way out to the "end" point that we were allowed to go to.  It was a fun little adventure

When we got back with the kayak it was our turn for the wind boat.  Keith started chatting it up with the buy "sailing" us and he was a fun young guy.  They had fun and joked around.  The guy then asked if we wanted to jump in and hold on to the back of the boat and then we could use our goggles and watch in the water as we sailed in.  Keith went first then I went.  We would hold on to this rope off the back and he'd sail in and we'd plug our nose and look under the water and things passed by.  It was really fun!  We felt pretty special as I do not think that anyone else gets to do this.  I love having a cute hubby that speaks the language and is chummy here.  Seriously...he's like a kid in a candy story in Mexico.  I saw a whole new side of my man and I loved it.  He LOVES this place and it was heartwarming seeing him connect SO easily with anyone.

Above is Keith dragging behind and below is me.

We spent the whole morning just playing and enjoying the beauty around the beach.

We had lunch at the buffet and then headed out front of the resort to meet the "shopping tour".  We get out there and guess who else is sitting there waiting.  The little family with the dad and daughter (with Down's) that we saw earlier.  We sat down and watched them interact while we waited for the bus to take us into Playa Del Carmen.  It was another trap!  They were in cahoots with this jewelry store.  The van dropped us all off there and we were stuck there for 30 minutes and then the van took us to a touristy down town fancy shopping center.  It was SO Americanized I was disappointed.  We were here to see culture and see normal average people and their stores.  Lame!  We did end up finding a little shop and bought each of the girls a dress and bought a little hammock for them too.  We then left the awful tourism and headed out to find more authentic city.  It was so cool.  We found a little city park and watched a group playing volleyball.  We found a school and even a Walmart.  We saw several little stores and bought coconut popsicles.  It was SO warm and humid we were drenched in sweat.  It was evening by the time we made it to the bus pick up.  We had a few minutes to wait for our bus so I decided to call mom and dad and talk to my kids.  We hadn't called yet as it had been a bit crazy getting here.  I sat on a bench and talked with the kids.  It was SO wonderful to hear their darling voices and hear about how happy they were.  It was relieving to hear all was doing well.  Keith disappeared for a bit (just went over to a group that was also waiting for the bus).  It wasn't till we got in the bus and headed home that he told me.  The family with the Down's girl had also been waiting for a bus and he went to talk to them.  He had explained our situation and that we were struggling and asked about how things were with their daughter.  I was shocked he'd asked, but he said they were very kind and open to share about their situation.  I think it was very comforting and helpful to him.  We saw this family one other time (the next day) but that was it.  I wish we'd gotten a picture with them because they were very special emotionally to us at this point in our lives.  I'm so grateful that Heavenly Father put them in our path to find a little peace and comfort that maybe we could still have a kind of normal life too.

We got back and dressed up for our "anniversary dinner".  We went to the Mediterranean restaurant and the food was INCREDIBLE! On the downer side, it was the first time I'd felt HORRIBLY sick since we'd come.  I was so nauseated I wasn't sure I'd make it through the dinner.  The food was incredible, but I could barely eat.  I was a full fledged 5 course meal (I've never had one) and it was amazing.  They even brought us this special dessert in honor of our anniversary.  Happy 9 years to the best man in the world!  He is my world and holds me together when I feel like everything is collapsing.  I love him and I love that we can share this very special trip together, just us!

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