Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Anniversary Trip - Day 1

Our flight out of town was to leave at midnight Tuesday/Wednesday.  I had my one little extra baby in the morning. Still feeling overwhelmed with baby stuff and wanting to make sure and leave a clean house so I could come home to a clean house we didn't get away as early as I'd hoped.  We ended up hanging out here until 4 and then heading to Mesa.  Mom and dad had dinner for us and Keith met us there.  We had dinner and walked down to the park with the kids.  Came back and had bath time and got kids down for bed.  The girls were very excited being somewhere new so they played around longer than normal.  Peter gave me my normal evening snuggles (when we put the girls down I get to just snuggle my boy while he drinks his milk).  Once kids were down we decided to head over to Kevin's house and visit with them a bit.  Kevin was going to drive us to the airport and then keep our car at his house until we got back.  Around 10pm we headed over to the airport.  Keith wanted to make sure we had enough time to get through security and get to the gate.  We were flying on Spirit Airlines in terminal 2 at Sky Harbor airport.  There was hardly ANYONE there so getting through security and to the gate took no time at all.  We were sitting there maybe an hour when a lady came to the counter and over the intercom made an announcement.  The plane coming to us was delayed and therefore we were not going to be able to make our connecting flight in Dallas.  Our schedule was to Dallas, then Fort Lauderdale and then to Cancun.  We wouldn't be able to get to Dallas in time to get to the plane to Fort Lauderdale.  Everyone started going to the counter so we ran up and got there third in line.  There was only one lady trying to get this huge line of frustrated tired people rescheduled.  We heard her talking to the people two in front of us about getting to Cancun.  The best they could do was a flight leaving the next day at midnight (so June 2nd) for Cancun.  Meaning go to Dallas and be there an entire 24 hours basically before being able to fly on the Fort Lauderdale.  She said there was ONE flight leaving from Dallas going straight to Cancun at 12:30pm that day, however, there were only THREE seats available.  We heard that and panicked!  Turns out that the group she was helping (two in front) had 4 people.  The group in front of us was a family reunion of 11 people.  We heard this and Keith asked if they would mind if we took two of those seats.  The family was very kind and said it was fine if we went ahead a got on that flight.  We were SO lucky!  We managed to get two of those 3 seats and would be able to still make it to Cancun the same planned day (just 5 hours late).  We then settled down and were able to breath again as we waited to board.  We got a few snacks and then played a few games on my tablet together.  We finally boarded to plan after midnight and got off.  I took some dramamin and hoped I would be able to just sleep

Unfortunately, that flight from Phoenix to Dallas was HORRIBLY bumpy.  It was very miserable.  Luckily I was exhausted enough to flutter in and out and didn't get too sick.  We made it to Dallis in 2 hours and 16 minutes.  Man, planes are so crammed and this airline does not do ANYTHING free.  No water, no snack, nothing unless you pay and arm and a leg.  We landed and I was so frazzled and exhausted.  It was just after 2:45 and I wanted to sleep so badly.  Keith and I were now to wait in this airport until our flight to Cancun at 12:30pm.  We tried to take turns resting, but finally both crashed on the floor in the gate for our next flight.  It was a miserable sleep, but sleep none the less.  We both finally came too around 10am.  STARVING we went in search of food and bathrooms.  We got hamburgers and french fries (boy was I craving french fries).  It was SO yummy! We played our WordPuzzle game (this was pretty much our go to game on this trip). And hung out until our flight at 12:30.  It was again, very crammed and no drinks offered, but we had pretty good seats.  We were on the 9th row and Keith had a window seat.  I was terrified I'd be sick as it was the middle of the day and I didn't really have anything to do for the 2 hours and 11 minute flight.  luckily it wasn't as bumpy and I was able to rest a little and even play our word game a bit.  We landed and stepped off the freezing plane to a very humid and warm airport.  We actually made it through customs very quickly and didn't have to have our bags searched.  We went to the luggage pick up and watched all the luggage come through...but no bags for US!  There was one other lady from our flight that also didn't have her luggage.  I'm SO grateful that Keith speaks Spanish and could track someone down from our Spirit airlines and asked.  They led us over to the random corner and there was our (and the other two people's) luggage.  Somehow our luggage had made it to that Fort Lauderdale flight and then to Cancun 5 hours before us.  GRRR!  Oh well, we had our luggage and I was very happy!  We went in search of our "van" transport to our resort.  They were all confused why we were 5 hours late, but after waiting 30 minutes or so we finally got in a van headed for our resort. (picture below of us in our van)

 It only took about 30 minutes to get to our resort.  When we checked in they said that they had a brand new section they were wanting to fill up and offered to upgrade us for super cheap.  Then we would be RIGHT on the beach.  We went for it and then the bell boy loaded our stuff into a golf cart and drove us to our room.  We were on the second story and our view was amazing.  It was SO beautiful and fancy.  I'd never been anywhere this fancy and exotic looking.  It was thrilling.

The resort has four fancy 5 star restaurants, but you have to make reservations a day in advance so we wouldn't be able to eat there the first night, but we did make reservations for the next night (our anniversary) at the Mediterranean restaurants.  There was also a buffet that was open 7-11:30 (breakfast), then 12:30-4 (lunch) and 5:30-9pm (dinner).  That was where went for dinner the first night and it was SO yummy!!! I ate so much I thought for sure I'd be sick, but I wasn't.  We even went back later in the evening and got ice cream cones and then ate them as we walked on the beach. We enjoyed walking around and seeing the beauty of the ocean.  We were pretty tired and went to bed early.  The plan was to spend the next day at the beach and then maybe do a little shopping.

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