Sunday, April 17, 2016

Week highlights

Not feeling fabulous tonight so here are brief highlights for this week.  I had my Enrichment activity on Tuesday.  We had a dinner and then put together freezer meals together.  It seemed to go well and we had a pretty good turn out.  We don't usually have very many ladies come, but we had 21 or 22.  Which is a good number for us.  The rest of the week was pretty normal.  Thursday was low key and I had my nice trampoline moment with Rue and Peter.  I have been working really hard on picking up my time with running.  Keith and I go to the gym at least 3 times a week.  I have gotten my three mile time down to 27-28 minutes.  I'm very happy about that, but its doing sprints, not just running.  Peter cut two molar in that back.  He has four in front on top and the top back molars and two middle on the bottom.  So, a total of 8 teeth at 19 months.  Ada lost two teeth last month and they are starting to finally come in (on bottom).  Saturday was a very busy day. Keith went of to the Inman's house to help work on their home.  He was gone all morning.  The kids and I had breakfast and then went to work out front.  We have a rose garden in front, but the curbing around it is awful.  I dug back the rocks and made trenches to put down railroad ties.  It was a lot of work and I felt a bit discouraged while doing it.  But, we did get it done and the pieces in place.  I honestly thought that was all we would get done on them for the day.  I then went for the backyard and got the mowing done and some gardening work done.  It was about 4 and a half hours of work outside.  Then moved inside to clean the whole house alone.  Keith got home just after lunch and saw my work on the garden bed.  He said he'd get the rebar and stake it down.  I was happy that we was willing to still go on it.  He left for Home Depot to get supplies.  I was so happy he was getting stuff done outside I didn't worry about getting help inside.  He got that staked down and then I ran to Home Depot and got supplies to build a structure over our garden to put up a bird net to protect our tomatoes.  Keith then got those staked in (he is amazing).  We got the net up.  The kids really wanted to play outside in the kid pool.  I set up the pop up tent and put the plastic kid pool under it and filled it up.  The kids played out there the rest of the afternoon.  It was a very busy and physically exhausting day.  We then hurried and showered and went to a house warming party for a new family in our ward.  There was suppose to be a stake event in the evening as well, but we were too tired to make it.  Today we went out to my parent's house to celebrate my dad's birthday.  My dad turns 65 years old on Friday, but this week is very crazy so this was our day to celebrate with him.  Teresa and her kids were there as well as Troy and Sherry.  It was a nice evening and I loved being there with family.  I love me dad!  He has always been my hero and I have always felt close to my dad.  His health has been a bit off lately and I worry about him.  I hate to see him showing age and changing.  I love him and want him to always be here.  He is a good man, and has always been an example to me.  Happy Birthday daddy!

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