Thursday, April 14, 2016

Responsibility vs. Fun

I struggle with this, as I am sure many do.  Finding the balance between responsibilities as a wife and mom and giving attention to your kids.  I know that ultimately my children are the MOST important thing.  I want to play with just them, but then when does laundry, dishes, dinner and everything else fit in?  I want them to have a good example of a mother and wife.  I want them to see how to keep a house and be a good homemaker.  I want them to learn to make bread, do dishes, mop the floors, fold laundry, etc...  I think it is important.  If I don't teach them, who will? I have SO many things that I need to get done everyday and I feel like my mind is flying in every possible direction that I'm just going to lose it.  Then, I feel guilty that I'm not living in the moment, every moment, with my kids.  Yesterday was a bit of a rough day.  I felt like I lost on all fronts.  Today...i gave up on all of them.  I am tired of responsibility.  I did my exercise and then made a fruit smoothy and shared with my kids. Peter learned how to drink out of a straw.  After, the pressure of laundry and dishes started to creep in.  LaRue asked to read a book.  I told her I'd read one book and then had to do a few chores and then we could again.  She was happy with that, but the thought came to me, do it on the trampoline.  I know it sounds silly, but I am grateful for that little prompting.  Heavenly Father is not just there for the little stuff.  I KNOW he is there helping me be a mom.  I distinctly remember when Ada was very little rocking her to sleep.  I got up to lay her down and the thought came, wait just a little bit more.  Maybe that sounds silly, but it is those moments that I feel SO loved and important to Him.  Even something SO silly as putting my baby down, or reading on the trampoline, He is with me!
We went out and got on the trampoline, just Peter, Rue and I.  It was a seize the moment.  We jumped around and laughed.  We played duck, duck goose (which Peter can play and it is the best thing ever).  It made them smile and it was a wonderful 30 minutes of just jumping and smiling.  We then read our book and Rue said it was ok for me to go.  I know it wasn't much, but it really helped.  I needed that moment to feel like I was not just a house slave, but also a mommy.  I love my children.  There is nothing (besides my faith and husband) that I am more passionate about.  They are my world in every way and I hope that they know that.  If not maybe now, someday.  I love them each so greatly.  It gives me a whole new point of view and connection to my own parents, earthly and heavenly.

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Erin said...

You're doing a good job Marjie! When my twins were little I had to let go of worrying so much about keeping the house clean for my sanity. Now I'm back in a better routine, some days are more fun mom and some are more work mom and that's ok. I try to have a few things like story time we do every day and I encourage them to play together a lot too. Now if only I could be more patient at bedtime and she they fight!