Sunday, April 24, 2016

Made it through this week!

Not going to's been a stressful one.  Which is probably why I've had a massive headache since yesterday afternoon.  This week was it's normal business, but Friday was our friend's, the Adcock family, wedding and Keith and I were signed up for a 5k.  We originally signed up for the run before we knew about the wedding date.  Friday was the wedding and Saturday morning was the run.  It just made for a bit of a crammed week.
Thursday was wedding set up.  We were suppose to meet up and help set up chairs and tables at 12.  The neighbor wanted Ada and LaRue to come play which was perfect timing.  They went there and then I only had the two little ones (Peter and Brielle) to take to the set up.  Go over there about 40 minutes late and they weren't there.  I called and they said they probably wouldn't get there until after 1:30.  Babies sleep then, so just went home.  She texted at 3 that they had just got there to set up.  Ada has piano lessons at 4 so I told her we couldn't make it.  Ada is doing well with piano, but sometimes feel like I'm pulling teeth to get her to practice and go to lessons.  After lessons i decided to run by and see how set up was going.  They had tables up and that was about it.  So we helped set up the chairs and did a few other things.  They told me they planned to finish setting up the next day around 11.  It been very warm here lately (high 90s) and the thought of doing all the decorating in the middle of the day was not exactly enticing.  I asked if they minded me going earlier to do a few things.  They were ok with that so we left.  My parents were having dinner with my grandma, Uncle Gregg and Aunt Amy out at John and Diane's house. Amy and Gregg were visiting from Colorado so we met up with them and had dinner with them and had a great time visiting.  Keith is a very quiet person and doesn't really enjoy social situations, but oddly he was very chatty and candid.  It was Very fun to share and visit with my aunts and uncles.
Friday morning I called my friend Maddie to see if she would come help me set up.  Didn't want to hang out by myself decorating.  She came and it was nice to not be alone and have help.  We finished up at 10:45 and I was happy to be leaving as it was getting very warm.  Picked up Ada and then had to hurry to pick up the wedding cake.  We ate lunch quickly and then I headed out to get a few last minute decorations.  I'm so grateful that Keith works only half days on Fridays.  It helps to have one day that I don't always have to drag the kids around with me.  Picked up a few items and went back to meet up with the Adcocks and finish setting up.  We finished up around 2 and I hurried home to clean up.  I was asked to be one of the bridesmaids, but while we were setting up her sister called and was very sick.  She was the maid of honor, but now was not coming.  Sarah (bride) asked me to be the new maid of honor.  Quickly cleaned up and got myself ready.  Keith  was going to finish getting the kids ready and drop Peter off and his sister's house.  I left around 3:15 to go help Sarah get ready.  It was fun to help her get dressed up and all ready for the big event.  We had never talked through how the whole, ceremony was going to play out.  I've never been in a wedding ceremony.  It was a little crazy, but we did manage to all get down the isle. The ceremony was nice and I'm so happy they are married.  After the ceremony they wanted to get pictures.  My friend and her husband were doing pictures but asked if I could take pictures as well as a kind of back of photographer.  Hopefully I wasn't annoying or in the way.  It was VERY warm and sunny (the ceremony was a 4pm).  After pictures we had a taco bar dinner and then quickly got things in order for the reception.  It was just go go go ALL day and then all night.  By 7:30 I felt like I hit a wall.  I was SO tired and my feet and knees were hurting.  We made it to the end of the reception and then had to work on clean up.  Keith had taken the kids home around 7:30 to put them in bed and had his nephew JR come sit at the house so he could help me with clean up.  It went down pretty quick and by 9:40 we were leaving.  Go home and iced my feet a little (as we would be running a 5k at 8am the next morning).

So, pretty much haven't slept a whole night through all week due to stress about the wedding and run.  Friday night for some reason I couldn't stop stressing about the kids and the run.  I'd asked my friend Jodi Goodwin if should would watch all three kids while we were at the run.  I'd debated about taking them with us in the double jogger, but after the wedding I was SO tired I was worried I wouldn't have the energy to make it through the end.  That debate kept me up most of the night and by 6 I finally got up and started getting ready.  The kids all woke up just before 7 and we were able to get them ready and to my friend's house on time.  We headed out just after 7.  We met Kevin and Jessica at a store on 43rd and McDowell so we could carpool the rest of the way.  The run was in Goodyear so it took us about 40 minutes to get out there.  Keith has never done a "run" before and it was really exciting to share with him.  I had anxiety about whether to run together as a group or to run at our levels that we want (another reason keeping me up at night).  The race began and our friend Melissa (who was with us), who is in great shape started off faster paced.  Keith followed her and I really wanted to be with him so we ended up getting split up.  Kevin and Jessica were cool and didn't seem to mind though and that was a relief for me.  I was actually not feeling great and was very tired.  I feel I didn't run half as well as I wanted to, but oh well.  I was able to run the whole thing and keep up with Keith.  We had a great time and made it home just after 10am.

 Me, Jessica Rowse, Melissa Bouey, Kevin Rowse and Keith

I started getting a headache by the middle of the day, and by evening it was full blown and I felt terrible.  Was hoping that after everything was over I'd be able to finally sleep and it would go away, but alas it didn't.  I've had a terrible headache all day.  Maybe as I get more sleep maybe it will go away.  The next few weeks don't seem to really slow down much so I'm a tad nervous.  Need to find some better ways of dealing with stress.  I hate having so many headaches.  It makes being a happy mom very difficult.  I don't want to move, talk, play with my kids or even make food.  I just want to sleep and not move.  Here's to hoping it goes away soon.

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