Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter 2016

Today we celebrate Easter! I love what this day represents.  I feel so imperfect...well, in basically every way.  I make mistakes, I don't always feel like I'm progressing, and I struggle feeling happy somedays.  But, I have never wavered or doubted my faith in my our Savior Jesus Christ.  I grew up in the church; it's all I know.  I don't know how to NOT believe and I don't think I'd ever want to.  How can this crazy world make sense without the gospel?  I sometimes feel stagnate in my testimony (not progressing forward) and I need to work on that.  I want to be better about thinking spiritually all the time, not just on Sunday.  Yesterday we got together with my family out in Mesa and Keith, Kevin, Teresa and I started having a spiritual discussion about the second coming.  Keith and Andy quoted scripture and it made me think.  It's one of the things I love most about Keith (his knowledge of the scriptures) and I really wish I could be more like that.  I know the scriptures, but I could KNOW them better.  I want to have a more personal relationship with things I read and understand better what I'm reading.  Honestly, I'd really like to take institute class again.  I wish I could, but it's not something I can do right now.  I need to find ways to make time for scripture reading and making it more meaningful.  I Easter.  I love being reminded of the Atonement and refreshing my dedication. I am grateful for a Savior that loves me enough that he went through all that just for me.  As a mother I have a whole new appreciation for what it must have been like for our Heavenly parents.  I can't imagine how painful and heat wrenching that must have been from Their perspective.  To see your beloved child ache, and hurt and be treated so cruel.  It was a sacrifice for them as well.  I am thankful! I do have a testimony the Christ lived; that he loved me enough to die for me.  I have a testimony that after three days He did rise and that He lives.  I will see Him again, and I want to be worthy to return to live with Him again.

We have had a busy week.  I didn't have Brielle or Sam on Monday (I babysit two kids Monday-Thursday 7:30-4:30.  Brielle is just barely one and Same is 8.  I've been watching them for about a year and a half).  Sam was sick, so we didn't have them.  I was able to run errand and get the emissions on the car done ($20).  The rest of the week was normal.  Keith is working a lot and it gets hard being alone so much of the time.  Friday Ada didn't have school and it was nice.  I love having her in school and have been very happy with her school and teacher, but rushing her out the door (she is a pokey bear) and then having to be here at 11 when she gets home is hard.  Thursday morning we went to the park with a few friends in the ward.  It was nice to be outside and have other adults to interact with.  Friday we cleaned the whole house.  Saturdays tend to always have something happening and I usually end up cleaning the house by myself with the kids (aka by myself).  It was nice to have Keith here to help out as we cleaned everything up.  I LOVE a clean house.  It literally calms me and I feel happy.  I'd had a few days of the blues this week so it was nice to set things in order and feel organized and calm.  Saturday was very busy.  There was a ward Easter egg hunt in the morning.  The Relief Society was in charge of food and tables.  The president and first councilor were out of town so I had to cover it.  We got down there about 15 minutes early and got everything arranged.  There weren't tons of people that came, but it was still enjoyable.  The kids had fun and Peter LOVED getting the eggs.  Ada, the first time, would find one egg and sit down, open it and eat it before looking for anything else.  She only got like 3 eggs because they were all gone.  Rue was pretty good about running around after them.  Peter, man he was on a mission.  It was really cute to see him look around and run for it.  He is so funny.  The girls had fun and everyone ate more candy than I'd like to think about.  

Then we packed up and headed out to Mesa.  We were stopping by a Goodwill out in Mesa that has a wedding room selection.  My friend is getting married and asked me to be a bridesmaid and I need to find a turquoise dress.  I've looked, but not been successful (at least in a price range I'm willing to pay).  At the Goodwill I was able to find a dress I can use.  I don't love it, but it was affordable and I can make it work.  We then got over to mom and dad's house and had lunch.  We hid the eggs at the grassy area at the end of their street.  Peter again was so excited about collecting eggs.  The kids had fun and again, ate more candy than I'd prefer.  Back at my parent's house it got a bit loud and crazy.  My parents basically only have a pool for a yard, so you can't send the kids outside.  So, they are trapped inside making all the noise and running around.  Mom wanted me to do some craft with them to get them calmer.  We made paper bunny ears and popsicle stick noses.  It didn't last as long as I wanted, but it at least took about an hour.  At 5 was the General Women's broadcast.  We all went together.  I love going with my sisters and am very grateful that I live close enough to be able to join with them.  After we rushed home with kids to get them bathed and in bed.  It was very busy, but I love spending time with my siblings.  I love that my family is close and we enjoy being together. I am lucky to come from a family where we do get along and can share in fun and gospel related things.

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