Sunday, March 20, 2016

A New Start

My life sometimes feels like it is careening out of control.  Hence the reason I stopped keeping up on this.  However, I have felt very strongly that I need to be better.  I am making a goal of trying to keep up at least twice a month.  As it has been so long, here is a brief update on everyone.

Peter: He is finally in Nursery.  He just turned 18 months and I can't believe it.  He still adores me (which I love).  He doesn't say many words (dad, mom, ada, dog, Daisy and Sugar).  He loves milk and treats.  He can smell treats from a mile away and will perform all kinds of feats to get to it. He has been walking since 9 months.  He loves the dogs and when Ada gets home from school.  He finally has 5 teeth, but still a very gummy mouth.  He enjoys chasing his sister and jumping on the trampoline by himself.

LaRue: Is our sassy, crazy, clown!  She is always putting on a show.  She is getting sassy and likes to ignore us, but she is also full of funny sass.  She is finally potty trained (she was just over 3 and a half).  She is part of a mommy swap joy school.  There are only two other kids in the group so I teach every three weeks.  She loves to sit in the hammock outside and just swing.  She loves barbies and dolls.  She is our very friendly lady.  She rolls the window down on the car and will shout "hi" to anyone we pass, or anyone with the windows down.  She LOVES being in Sunbeams and is one of those kids that scream/sings the songs.  She has such a fun smile and makes the silliest comments.  We love her spunk and loving nature.

Ada: She is in Kindergarten know.  She goes to a charter school called Painted Rock Academy.  She has been reading since October.  She doesn't like practicing ready, but I think it will come.  She loves to learn and show me all she is doing at school.  She is still very shy and knows that she can get Rue to ask for things she is too scared to ask or do.  She loves drama and hanging out with older kids.  She is great at coloring and writing stories.  She loves her primary teacher and is getting so much better at being able to share with us what she is learning.  She loves to talk about the scriptures and about Jesus.  She started taking piano lesson in January and is enjoying it.  She still hates wearing pants and always prefers skirts.  She loves to go camping and go on mommy or daddy dates.

Keith: He is working now for the Mesa office at work.  They asked him to move out there, but he told them not for another year or so.  He drives out there at least once a week.  He enjoys what he is doing and is really starting to feel more advanced in his career.  He now has people coming to him asking how to do things and even has a guy they hired under his direction.  He passed his PE exam last Spring, so now he is just working on getting all his certification paperwork completed.  He works long hours, but still leaves at 5:30am and comes home between 4-5pm.  We signed up for a small gym close by.  For $22 dollars a month I have the membership and up to 4 kids and one free guest can get in with me.  So our whole family can go for the $22.  We meet Keith at the gym Mondays and Wednesdays (and sometimes Thursdays) around 4:30-5pm.  Keith and I work out together for about an hour and then come home and have dinner.  The weather has been nice so we try to eat outside as often as possible.  Keith is the Elder's Quorum  president in our ward.  It has been such a blessing in all honesty.  I truly feel like our marriage has been stronger since his (and my) callings changed.  He doesn't love social situations, but this calling puts him out there and he is getting so much better at talking to people.  I love to see him magnifying his calling or acting on prompting he has.  I am SO grateful for a wonderful priesthood holder to lead and guide us.  I love when he comes home from meeting and just holds me and tells me how much he loves me.  Yes, it has made life even more hectic with him gone one to two nights a week and all morning on Sunday (I have to get myself and three kids ready by myself by 9am church).  But, I love it!  He is a good man and I love spending time with him

Me: I feel so very often that I am drowning and someone tosses me another kid or project.  I have been watching a little baby and her older brother (after he gets out of school) a few times a week.  Their situation changed and now I have them 8-9 hours four days a week.  Its been a bit overwhelming sometimes, but we are managing.  I'm learning to get through  grocery trip with 4-5 kids under 8.  I often watch other kids in the ward, so typically i have extra kids here 5 days a week.  I was called back in November to be the second counselor in Relief Society.  So, now I am in charge of all the monthly Enrichment activities.  It is a bit of a balancing act on Sundays with Keith and I's callings, but with Peter now in Nursery I am hoping things will be a bit easier.  I teach Rue's joy school group every three weeks and am Ada's class mom.  I substitute at Ada's school on Fridays (when they call and need me).  This has been a nice break from mom/babysitter, but also a better way to make a little extra money.  Keith put in a sprinkler system and garden system so I no longer spend all my morning trying to get watering done.  But I still enjoy working in my yard and being outside as much as I can while the weather is manageable.  I am working on being more organized and staying on top of things.  As long as I stick to my schedule of chores and meal plans I tend to be ok.  I feel like every day is busy with something extra, but we are doing ok.  I am very grateful for my home and that we have Keith's income to support our needs.  We still have 6 chickens (about 5 eggs a day) and our two dogs (Sugar and Daisy).  I am daily grateful for my healthy family and the gospel.

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