Tuesday, May 19, 2015


 Trying to adjust to life with three continues.  Peter has so far been our best baby.  He is nearly perfect with his schedule and has been since we came home from the hospital.  We are right on schedule to soon be sleeping through the night.  He eats every three hours starting at 6:30am.  At night he pretty much always wakes up and 12 and 3.  Its amazing how consistent he is.

 Mid October Peter got another cousin.  He has one 8 days older than him and now one a month younger.  So fun for him!
 He has got to be the cutest little man that ever lived.  I love dressing him up and showing him off.

 I even got a girl's night out when my dear friend Brittany turned 30.  We've been friends since I was 4 and still love hanging out.  We live 7 minutes apart now and get together often.  We had a fun night of shopping and being silly (just as we did in high school).  This was my first escape without my sweet baby.  It was hard, but Keith was a fabulous daddy in giving me this break.
 Somehow I managed to pull off making Peter's Halloween costume.  We decided to do Peter Pan as a family.  The girls asked to be mermaids before Peter was born so I had made their outfits prior to Peter's birth.

 Ada was in the Primary Program.  I am a teacher for the Valiant girls (8-11 year old girls).  I was suppose to sit on the stand with my class, but they were kind to let me sit up there as Peter would need me.  I was fun to sit and watch.  Ada was again VERY nervous and I honestly wasn't sure she would even say her part.  She did manage to whisper it.  So proud of her.  She has such a hard time with social situations.

 I bought this at a Goodwill in Colorado when we stayed there last summer.  I couldn't wait to put it on him.

Some days I can't believe I have three kids.  I love them so very much.  The girls have been so great with Peter.  Ada just wants to hold him all the time.  I feel so blessed to be given these three spirits to love and teach.  I hope they know just how much I love them.  I so often feel inadequate as a mom.  Right now in my life I'm amazed if I even get one load of laundry done.  I feel like I can't get anything accomplished.  It's been a bit discouraging, but I know it will get better eventually.  Right now, I just need to hold my baby and enjoy it.

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