Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Conference and Blessing Day

The weekend of General Conference we went on a little outing together as a family.  It is finally starting to cool off.  Saturday morning before the first sessions we took the kids to Shaw Butte to hike.  We didn't make it far.  Keith was so kind to the girls and taught them about cactus and helped them.  We had a wonderful time.  Then got home and enjoyed the rest of the weekend watching Conference.  Ada was so good this year.  She drew a picture of the speaker.  I would write their name and then she would copy it.  It was a wonderful and peaceful weekend.  Our first "successful" conference weekend with kids.

Peter's first hiking trip.  It was so nice to be out and get a little exercise together.

In-between the Saturday sessions a guy came by talking about a security system.  They wanted to set up a security system for us and advertise in our yard.  They said they'd install everything free and we would just have the monthly charge.  We never had a security system growing up.  We hardly ever even locked doors at our house.  Keith's family has one and his sister.  We've talked about getting one.  In our neighborhood emails they reported two break ins the past few weeks.  We decided that maybe this would be a good idea.  So, during the priesthood session they installed it.  Keith's mom and sister came over to eat with us.  I felt bad it was so crazy here with them installing, but it was exciting.  We now have a security system and I'm finding that I love it.  It beeps when the doors open and I always know if the kids are going in or out.

The next weekend we had Peter's blessing.  It was suppose to be the weekend that Teresa and Tyler blessed their baby, but there was a complication so we traded.  We decided to do October and they would do November.  It was a bit last minute getting things together and I was nervous since Peter was only a month old.  But it worked out.  The day before, Saturday the 11th Sherry and Troy came out to go through the Phoenix temple open house.  We took Grandma with us.  Keith had tickets to a hockey game so he came for a bit and then headed out.  We enjoyed the temple and then came back to our house for some dinner.  Sherry and Troy stayed the night at Grandma's house so they'd already be out here for the blessing.  Our church meeting start at 9.  We hurried and got all ready.  I was gathering the last stuff after changing Peter's diaper and asked Keith to get him in the carseat.  We got to the church and we were 15 minutes early...GO US...to bad I got Peter out of his seat to realize that Peter had NO pants.  Daddy forgot to grab those when packing him up.  It was crazy.  So, I rushed back to the house to get his pants.  I made it back as the opening song was beginning.  Never a dull moment.  The blessing was beautiful.  My sweet little Keith Peter Christian III.  My brother David was even able to make it.  It was fun to have my family there and share.  After church we went to our house and had a luncheon.  

He is so handsome and I'm so glad his pants and tie turned out.  I made them, but the onsie I bought.  He looks so handsome!

I was so nervous about having a boy.  Scared of the unknown, but this little man has my heart for sure.  I love holding him and just snuggling him.

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