Friday, January 30, 2015

September to October...Whoosh

Life with a newborn: feeding them, putting them to sleep, changing diapers and if you fit in eating yourself, breaking up sibling fights, and sometimes saying hi to spouse.  For the first two months life just kind of passes.  It's adorable time, but it just flies.  Pictures must be taken or honestly...I wont know what happened.

 Teresa and I got together and got our babies together.  They are 8 days apart!!  I'm so excited, best friends in the making!!  I'd gotten the kids some matching outfits and so they will get to have photo shoots for the next year.  It was SUPER cute that they got their arms linked and couldn't figure out how to get them unlinked.  It was pretty funny.  It's so fun to see them next to each other.

 Peter's first meeting with Grandma Broderick.  My sweet friend took pictures of little Peter (those to come).  Peter was so good and just laid there and let Grandma hold him.  She is such a big part of our lives I'm glad she was able to hold him.

 Rue loves to just smoosh him with love.  She loves to squeeze his finger tips and hold his arm.
 I love the neck snuggle!  BEST baby snuggles!  Unfortunately my collar bone sticks out a bit and so usually my kids bobble and smack their face on it and start screaming.  So, I don't get the neck snuggles often.  I love their cute little face snuggled close to me!!
 Peter kind of hates his bath.  This was his fist bath and he screamed the whole time.  He screamed for the first several baths, but he is getting better.  I was shocked that he hated them at first.  What baby doesn't like bath time?
 Ada is obsessed with holding him.  Every time anyone comes and wants to hold him she becomes very insistent that SHE get to hold him.  It's funny.  She is such a good big sister and wants to change his diapers and carry him.  She is ok to hold him, but she is not allowed to carry him.  She and Rue have started screaming "Silly Buns" when I change his diaper.  What can I say...we are use to girls around here.
 I FINALLY finished my curtains.  These are the ones that I was cutting out with my mom while I was apparently in labor.  I love how they turned out and they match the back of the hutch Keith and I refinished.

 We had another MASSIVE rainstorm.  The wind was SO incredibly strong I seriously thought it was going to uproot all of our trees and gate.  Keith had run over to help is sister's husband work on their house so we were alone.  It was really kind of scary!  Then the power went out and the girls freaked out.  We called and Keith came home.  It was around 2 when the power went out.  We had the adult session of stake conference so we all left the house and went.  We were hoping when we came back the power would be back on.  When we drove up we saw lights on in the houses across the street.  However, no lights or power on our side of the street.  We could see it, but not get it.  It was middle of September so it was still very warm (even at night).  It was too warm to sleep in our rooms.  The only room with a window screen was in the front room.  Keith slept in front of the window (for safety purposes).  The girls next and me by the swing where Peter was sleeping.  I was very stressed out as Peter still gets up to eat twice a night.  How am I suppose to get up and feed him in the dark and not wake everyone else.  I became VERY sympathetic to pioneers who shared tents or wagons for months.  How sad that I was freaking about not having power.  We didn't touch the fridge or freezer, we didn't want them to start defrosting.  When I woke up to feed at night I'd light a little tea light candle and feed.  The second feeding (around 3) I noticed that the light in the hallway was one.  Excited I work up Keith to help me check on everything.  We went into Peter's room and there was water leaking in from the window.  We found a bb gun hole in it a few months ago.  We tried to take the take off to check if that was the source of letting water in.  We touched it and the glass cracked (it didn't shatter in, but spiderweb cracked).  Keith ran out with garbage bags and taped them around the window.  We came back in, and the power went out again.  It was only one for maybe 20 min.  It stayed out until around 9am.  Then it was on for an hour or so and went back out.  It stayed out until later in the day.  I can't remember what time it came on.  It was crazy though.  I'm very grateful for power and technology.  It was a less than desirable situation, but it taught me a good lesson.  I don't want to be unprepared for such a situation again.

 Getting up in the middle of the night with hair hanging in the babies face was less than ideal.  Then the wonderful shedding began.  I'm one of the lucky mommies that after a baby my hair falls out in clumps.  I didn't want long clumps falling out, so I chopped it all off.  I hate it.  I haven't sent the braids in because I'm just too sad about it.  I never should have chopped it.  On Sunday on of my Valiant girls told me she didn't like it.  Honesty!

 General Conference was the first weekend of October.  Before the first session we decided it was kind of cool enough to go for a little hike.  Peter pretty much just slept through it.  I love hiking and I want my kids to have the same love for it.  During conference Ada liked to play with my hair.  She did this hair do on Sunday morning.  I have a very sensitive head, but she was having so much fun I didn't want to ruin it.

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