Thursday, January 29, 2015

New Life

Peter was here, he was home and I was finally not pregnant!!!

 I LOVE how tiny he looks in this picture.  Oh my sweet little boy.  It took me a few days to adjust to the fact that I had a baby.  But very quickly...he completely stole my heart.  I love his tiny little self so completely.  All day I just hold him and snuggle him.  I could spend all day looking at him and watching him.

 It took me about a week to feel normal-ish.  The girls love Peter.  Ada always wants to hold him.  He is gaining weight quickly and doing well.  His face was very bruised due to his brash entry into the world.  The doctors told me to watch carefully as busies usually lead jaundice.  We made sure to keep the windows open and take him outside if we could.  He did not get jaundice.  He recovered well from the circumcision.  We didn't have any problems with it.  

 It's crazy how you forget just how tiny a newborn is.  I LOVE HIM!!!!  I was so worried about him coming and struggling to feel attached.  I was not thrilled about a boy; it scared me.  Now...I wouldn't change it for anything!

 Having three home (under the age of 5) has been quite a handful.  I pretty much don't get much done all day.  I'm trying to make sure I still spend time with my girls and give them attention.  They haven't retaliated or been upset at all with him.  We had Peter "give" the girls Frozen shirts.  They were so excited.  Ha, he won their hearts with clothes.  That's my girls!

 I, ME, actually had my baby early.  I'm still in shock.  I took this picture ON my due date...yep NOT PREGNANT!!!!  I love not being prego (I love my babies, but I really do not enjoy pregnancy). Now, to get my body back.

 Every year Krispy Kream has a Pirate Day!  If you dress up like a pirate you get a free box of glazed doughnuts.  Last year we went after Keith got off work and they ran out of doughnuts.  Since Keith had taken time off to be home with us with Peter's birth we decided to go early.  We had the costumes from Halloween last year.  We got all dressed up and headed out.  I wasn't sure they would count Rue since she is a parrot and not a pirate.  However, when we walked in the 4 workers went crazy over us.  They all took pictures of us with their phones.  They actually gave us an extra dozen because they really liked Rue's outfit.  SCORE!  Granted...who really needs FIVE dozen doughnuts.  We gave a dozen to Keith's mom and to our friends around the corner from us.  The girls were thrilled.

 Keith took off about 2 weeks to be with us.  It was so helpful!  He mostly worked on projects around the house that we wanted to get done and made several pallet art pieces to try and sell.  He is still doing so well with his schedule.  He wakes up almost exactly every night at 12 and 3.  At least he is consistent.

 Keith took the above picture because he loved how he was hugging me.  Man, do I love holding this baby.  He is smiling more and I just love it!

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