Thursday, January 29, 2015

Let's go September

I'm feeling ready for this month to be here and done.  It's really hard to be patient the last month of pregnancy.  Teresa did finally have her baby on the 3rd.  His name is Easton.  Everything went well and they are both doing well.  Then a few days later our chickens started laying eggs.  Everyone is having the "baby/eggs" except me.  I'm feeling anxious, but still reminding myself that I have to wait.  At my last appointment I was barely at a 1 dilation and I haven't had tons of contractions.  With the girls I had LOTS of contractions before I actually had them.  Starting to feel a bit anxious that I'm not having any.  Does that mean I still have a LONG wait before he comes.  My doctor mention maybe inducing me the day after my due date.  Only because she is scheduled at the hospital certain days and her last day scheduled was the day after my due date.  If I didn't have the baby before then it would just be whatever doctor was on call that night.  With the other two I was so scared of being induced I feared it and was determined to have the baby before the induction date.  This a problem. I just wanted to be DONE!  I tried to keep busy with projects.  I finished making his blessing outfit and got fabric to make curtain over our big back french doors.  Times a ticking and I need to keep busy and distracted until my induce date.  September 16th this will all be over!
 (Minnie and Bruce eggs.  Arial lays white eggs)
our little man's suit.  It was a bit crazy making it, but I love how it turned out.

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