Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colorado - Swimming fun!

Starting in on our second week in Colorado.  I was beginning to feel a little tired of living out of a hotel, but still loving our adventure.  The beginning of the week we decided to hunt down a pool.  Our first week it had rained several times, but by the weekend and this week it was getting warm.  No where close to the heat of Phoenix, but definitely warm (in the higher 90s).  We still went to the parks, but Ada really wanted to go to a pool.  We didn't know before hand what the hotel would be like.  I had assumed it would have a pool and told her we could practice swimming while there.  I'd brought all our swim stuff and had planned to take them swimming in the hotel several times.  As it turned out...there was no pool in the hotel and Ada was quite disappointed.  She asked about it SEVERAL times the first few days.  She still wanted to.  We went to a new park a few miles away (tried to go to a new park almost every day).  The park happened to be next door to a public pool.  Of course, this set her off to bugging about it.  We walked over to the pool and it turned out the kids were young enough to be free. I only had to pay $3 for me.  I decided it was worth it for some new fun and entertainment.  It was a VERY nice pool area.  They had a splash pad area off to the side, the big kid pool, one water slide, and a little kid pool (only a few feet deep).  I thought we would only stay an hour of so, but we ended up staying almost 3 hours.  The kids had a fabulous time.
 the girls had so much fun with the splash pad.  Soon after this one of the life guards approached me and told me the floaties that Ada was wearing weren't allowed.  Weird!  Apparently they aren't allowed because kids can take them off themselves or they can slip off.  Rue's clips in the back.  This was a disappointment because Ada really wanted to go swim in the big pool, but I couldn't hold her (without her floaties), and Rue, and be almost 34 weeks pregnant.  She was rather frustrated about it, but what can you do.  We stayed in the little pool and she was fine to not wear floaties in there.

 Ada decided at one point she really wanted to go on the water slide.  I was shocked as she is definitely not our dare devil child.  I told her if she really wanted to I would put Rue's floatie on her and she could.  She wanted to, so I put it on and Rue and I sat at the edge at the bottom of the slide.  I was convinced that she would get to the top and change her mind.  She looked very nervous, but she sat down and went.  Well, she didn't think that she would actually go under water (she usually HATES to go under the water).  The slide did provide enough force that when she landed in the water she went under just a bit and then bounced back up.  She looked frantic and shocked so I reached out and grabbed her and pulled her out.  She was a bit clingy and freaked.  I sat there holding her (while holding Rue who still had no floatie on).  Out of the corner of my eye I see this girl, probably 10, go down the slide.  She goes into the water and starts thrashing.  Holy cow, she can't swim.  I tried to reach out to her, but I had two kids clinging to me (was NOT going to leave my kids unattended and Rue without a floatie) and a rather huge belly.  I shouted and a life guard came running and jumped in.  I felt like such a looser that I didn't just jump in and grab her myself.  I was RIGHT there, but I didn't.  I felt a bit guilty, even though I know it's silly.  The girl was fine.  The mom came running over.  I guess I'm just use to Phoenix, where everyone basically knows how to swim.  I was shocked a 10 year old girl had no idea how to swim.  It was a crazy experience.

I have a cousin, Tiffany, that lives in Colorado.  She is Doris and Andrea's age, but she has kids.  I had contacted her on Facebook before we left to let her know we were coming.  We were finally able to arrange a time to get together.  She lived just outside Denver in a little suburb to the north west.  It took us about 30 minutes to get there.  We got out there and played at the house for a while.  Her kids are all older than mine, but they were nice to still play with the girls.  They have chickens so the girls had fun playing with them.  After a bit we headed over to a park. They had a dentist appointment for one of the kids and there was a park across the street from the office.  I hung out at the park with the kids while Tiffany took her daughter into the dentist.  The kids had a great time together and it was nice to have a break from entertaining them.  I LOVE my children, but was starting to wear down as the sole playmate for them.  We were sitting the chatting when Tiffany returned and she received a phone call.  She had forgotten a visiting teaching appointment and had to hurry and go.  We decided to head back before traffic got bad.  We went to our Wash Park and hung out till daddy got off work.  

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