Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Colorado - Rest of the Week

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur.  I started having more sick days.  Pretty much every morning was awful.  I'd get back from taking Keith and got back to bed.  We'd go down for breakfast when the kids got up and then we'd go back to our room and I was sick in bed until lunch.  The girls watched lots of channel 8 while I was sick.  I hate to admit that, but what else can you do.  I tried to make it up to them in the afternoon by doing fun things.
 We LOVED going to the library! We found another close library besides the downtown one.  Again, you had to pay to park, so I had to park at a store and walk down to it.  I figured no one would be mad at me if they see me waddling around with my two toddlers.  This library was very small; pretty much half of it was the kids area.  That was one thing I definitely loved about Denver libraries.  They were well stocked with toys and books and they all had computers and ipads for kids.  Ada loved LOVED to play on the ipads.  I had a great time reading with the girls tons of books, playing with toys and letting them explore.

 I've seen the movie "Unsinkable Molly Brown" a million times, but it didn't sink in that we were in the city where she lived.  I found it the second to last day in that magazine in the hotel.  I had to pay for my ticket, but the kids were free.  I felt it was worth it.  It was located downtown (in the residential area where we parked when we went to see the capital).
 It was very warm inside the house.  They don't have air conditioning and because the windows are all old they don't open.  Everyone on the tour was pretty much over 40 or 50 years old.  I think they thought I was crazy for bringing them alone and being so pregnant.  The girls were promised a candy from the gift store if they behaved.  They did good considering it was NOT at all kid friendly.  I loved it.  It was fun to learn about Molly Brown and see the real home she lived in.

The last activity I'd brought with us was a bag of mini marshmallows and toothpicks to build with.  This was one of my sick days.  They sat on the bed next to me and played with them.  Well, Rue ate them and Ada built these headbands.  She figured it out all by herself and I was very impressed.  I didn't feel good, but at least they had something to do.

The other thing we did on my sick days (we did this twice the second week) was go to the mall play.  One day did finally cool off again and was overcast so we found a park near the mall and then when it started raining we ducked into the mall and the kids played at the play place.  Ada loved playing at the mall and making friends.  This was the easiest thing to do on the sick days.  Ada and Rue were totally entertained and I could sit and try to not throw up.
 This was the park by the mall.  It was beautiful (as were all the parks).  The bummer part of this one was the bathrooms.  They were one room bathrooms (one boy, one girl).  The girl one was DISGUSTING!!! beyond words.  It looked like someone with poop problems had exploded everywhere.  SO gross.  So, I took Ada to the boy's bathroom.  She was very concerned about going to the boys bathroom, but at least it was cleaner.

This is a picture I took of the whole city on one of our adventures about.  It was a beautiful city.  It has it's problems, but it was such an awesome experience.  Their roads and traffic are horrid.  People can't park straight to save their lives, but boy can they kick anyone's trash at parallel parking (I saw and 80 year old lady parallel park masterfully in a spot I'd be afraid to try in).  I loved the culture and art of the city.  People were nice and the gardens and parks beautiful.  They are very proud of their city.  EVERYONE owns paraphernalia with their flag on it and proudly show it off.  I think everyone owns a colorado flag shirt.   I will miss this city.  I feel a part of it now.

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