Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colorado - Library and Downtown

We were only 5 minutes from the heart of downtown Denver.  In the hotel they had several magazines with ideas of things to do in Denver.  The number one was to go see the Mile High monument in the state capital.  Parking downtown is AWFUL...well, basically everywhere in Denver parking is awful.  Tried to find parking downtown and everything was expensive.  You have to pay to park basically anywhere.  If you park a few (or several) streets away it is "residential" and sometimes you can find parallel parking on the street.  Parallel parking is the only parking in most of Denver. Each morning I would drop Keith off at work, come back to kids.  If they were still asleep I'd either rest or read.  The kids would wake up and we'd head down to the breakfast room.  It was fun seeing how excited the kids were about the breakfast.  They thought it was magical to have breakfast this way.
Our first attempt to go downtown wasn't successful, but we did make it there.  The main library was in the center of downtown and we wanted to go there.  I'd looked up online and found that they were doing a volcano craft at the library for free.  I decided the $5 parking fee was worth it.  I even found a parking spot RIGHT in front of the library.  We hurried in.  The library was AMAZING! I love libraries and this one was in a fancy building.  The kids section had fun reading areas and it had tables set up with 4-6 ipads with kid games on it.  We were there early so we had fun playing with the ipads.  Ada thought this was the best part of the day and probably would have stayed there all day.  The volcano craft was a little less organized than I was expecting.  Librarians are not teachers, but oh well.  We got our supplies and put them together.  We had this little girl that came late and sat at our table.  She totally tried to take over Ada's volcano.  I had to interfere...I didn't want Ada to miss out because some random kid took it away from her.  I told her to go make her own and she left us alone.  After the craft we headed out to our car to see that we still had an hour left on our meter.  It had begun to sprinkle but I really wanted to use our money that we had already paid to see the "mile high" step from the magazines.  I had the umbrella stroller and stuck Rue in and we walked VERY briskly to the capital building...only to realize once there it was the wrong building.  Opposite of the real capital building is another very fancy capital looking building.  I climbed up the steps looking for the marked step, but couldn't find it.  Then, I turn around and look across the street and see...yep the REAL capital building. Poop!  It's at least half a mile.  My time frame was now 30 minutes.  Buckled Rue in and we took off.  Me and my big 'ol prego self dragging along my 4 years old and a stroller with another kid in it.  We sprint walked to the other end.  If you've been is a nice uphill  hike to the capital.  I got rained on, but hey we made it.  We climbed it and found our "mile high" step.  Ada at this point was throwing a tantrum because she was angry Rue got to ride in the stroller and not her.  We got a few pictures and then headed back to our car to pick up daddy.

 The gardens between the real capital and fake capital building were gorgeous (as are ALL the gardens there).  I couldn't stop taking pictures of green living things.  We just don't get this in Phoenix at this time of year (everything is dead...or wishing it was dead).

 This was the fake capital building.  I just had Rue pose in case maybe it was the real thing.  Then I turned around and saw the real one.

 (this is my view from the fake capital building)
 Ada refused at first to be in a picture.  This is one of the only pictures I have of myself in Colorado.  Yep, I was very pregnant.

 (can you see the fake capital in the background)  They have this monument at the bottom of the steps of the capital.
 walking back to our car from the capital we passed the judicial building.  These cool statues were in front.  It was cool.  I love cities with art and culture.
 We found the famous step.  Denver is call the Mile High City because it is one mile above sea level.

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