Thursday, January 22, 2015

Colorado - Friday Afternoon

Keith only works half days on Friday, so when he got off work we headed back downtown.  We had wanted to go and tour the US Mint, however it was closed for the two weeks that we were there.  We did walk by it.  Keith wanted to see the Mile High step and since our little downtown tour was so frantic it was nice to go back and just really explore.  We parked on one of the residential streets near by and walked.  We walked around the capital building and the fake capital.  There is a large garden “park” like area in between the two areas.  There were many statues and tons of gardens.  It was beautiful.  

 There were beautiful, intricate building all over the place.  I love the old history of so many of the building in Denver.
 My loves one mile above sea level

 Another play time at the Judicial building between the capital and library.

 replica of the liberty bell.
 We thought it was totally cool that they had a statue of the 10 commandments.  In Denver I was quite shocked at the number of homeless/panhandlers in Denver.  I thought there were tons in Phoenix...nope! There were at least 2-5 on every corner (and there are 7-10 lights per mile).  It was crazy.  This grassy area between the capital and fake capital there were signs about times people were allowed and not allowed to be on the grass.

 Ada has her love of electronics from her daddy.
We took a little break in the Library so I could rest my poor swollen feet.  Keith had fun playing on the ipads with the girls and there was even a tribute to Apple creator Steve Jobs.  Keith being a rather Apple product fanatic wanted his picture with the posters.

 There was this cool city art project going on.  They had these lines up around the art building.  People were suppose to write a finish to this the sentence "Summer is..."  They had stations with the papers and markers.   Ada and I made one and hung it up.  It was fun to leave our mark in the city.  On the other side of this building was a HUGE state of stick like figures dancing.  Probably my favorite artist piece here, but sadly I never got a good picture (just the one below as we drove by it).  They were huge, like several stories high.

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