Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Colorado - Dinners and Mall fun

Keith was given a $60 food budget for each day.  We ate breakfast at the hotel and got bread for sandwiches for lunch.  Keith would get a little something for lunch and then we'd use most of the money on a fun big dinner.  It was SO cool to not have to make dinner or clean up after it for 2 weeks.  One night we got take out food and went to Wash (Washington) Park to eat.  It started dumping just as we got there.  Everyone was running to their cars and we were crazily running into the park.  We hid in the playground and ate dinner in there.  After a little bit the rain stopped and we walked around and played.  We also had fun going to new places to eat.  We ate twice at Olive Garden, Texas Roadhouse, Mellow Mushroom, Indian food and Chinese take out.  It was so fun to try new foods.  

 Washington Park.  It really was a beautiful place and placed between Keith's office and our hotel, we went there quite often.

The front office of the hotel told us about an ice cream shop that was popular and really good.  We went there several times and it was PACKED each time.  Apparently it's a hidden gem.  The ice cream was FANTASTIC and we loved finding this place.  

The first week I only had one sick day.  Near the end of my pregnancy I always get "morning" sickness again.  The day I got sick I stayed in bed most of the morning while the kids watched channel 8.  I hated to just have them watch tv, but in a tiny hotel room there wasn't anything else they could do.  In the afternoon I was feeling better and guilty that they'd been watching tv.  I couldn't do much so I looked up a mall and we headed there to play in the play place.  Again, parking was tricky and all I seemed to be finding was parking that cost.  I found a Safeway in the mall center and you could park there only if you were shopping there.  We parked there and I went in an bought a few items so I had proof of shopping there and then we went into the mall.  The playground was way beyond cooler than the one here at arrowhead mall.  It was twice the size and they had regular scheduled cleanings.  During the cleanings we went walking around.  It was a rather ritzy mall, so not the stores we usually shop at.  However, we went into Gap and actually they happened to have SERIOUS clearout stuff.  We got a few a few shirts for the kids for a $1 each.  Awesome!  Probably they only time my kids will get gap clothes unless we find them at goodwill (I know, I'm cheap).  The kids LOVED the play place.  Here is the funny thing, Ada is a social butterfly at mall play places.  She hates to talk to people or even try new places, but every single time we go to a mall play place she makes a new best friend within 5 minutes.  She was so cute collecting friends here and sweet little Rue either tagged along or just played alone.  As for me, I sat and tried to not feel miserably fat and huge.  

 Olive Garden was our favorite spot to go eat.  Yummy food and of course cheesecake for dessert.
 It was fun walking around after dinners and seeing all the artsy stuff in downtown Denver.

I had brought with us a few activities and games to play in the hotel room.  This was one activity where we were trying to make bouncy balls.  Sadly, they didn't really turn out, but it was a good distraction.  This is also were we ate lunch and dinner sometimes.  I basically HATE eating meals at a coffee table.  Rue was impossible to get to sit still and just eat.  Boy did I miss her booster seat!

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