Thursday, January 29, 2015 stinky hot month!!!!

I have decided that I will NEVER be this pregnant again in August in Phoenix.  I hate summer here...HATE!  Add emotional psycho hormones and we are just lucky I didn't kill anyone!
(this was our FHE treat one night)

 Well, it's hot and we are on what is called time of use with our electric bill.  During peak hours we have to use as little energy as possible and then can use it more during off peak hours.  So, between 12 and 7 during the day our house is set to 84 degrees.  Which feels like murder.  I basically just laid on my bed under a fan and the kids had to survive.  It was a rather dark and discouraging month.  Yes, there were good time don't get me wrong, but SUCKED! It was hot and I was miserable.  We did our best to get by.  I tried to at least once a week do something fun.  Good thing the girls are young and will hopefully forget what a crappy mom I was during the month of August 2014.

 Sweet Melissa (Keith's sister) took me to get a pedicure the first week in August.  It was HEAVEN!  She wins the prize!  It was a belated birthday gift and I can't tell you how much I appreciated it.  I LOVE how it turned out!  Even with fat, ugly feet at least my toes look cute!

 Keith and I made a valance for the baby's room.  We started really setting things up for this little boy joining our family.  I like how it turned out.

  My sisters were so sweet and threw me a shower on August 2nd.  Since we've had kids before this was mainly because I was having a boy and have no boy stuff.  We had it at Grandma Broderick's house.  It was a wonderful turn out.  Teresa planned and carried out most of it.  Ironic, I planned her baby shower for her first boy while I was pregnant with Rue.  It was car themed and we had so many wonderful friends come and support us.  We are going to have the cutest dressed boy in all the world.  My family was all there and Melissa, Christie and Aunt Stephanie came from Christian side.  Thanks family and friends for such love and support.
 One of the activities was to have guests cute out and iron on cute appliqués on onsies.  I LOVE it.  Now every time I get him dressed I get to think about all those sweet people in my life.

 We LOVE it when it rains in Phoenix.  Yes, it gets muggy but at least we get a break from the oppressive heat.  The girls had fun playing in it.

 FHE fun!  When we got home from Colorado the kids kept asking if we could go to the park again.  I told them we weren't in Colorado anymore and we would have to wait for it to cool off.  They kept asking to go back to Colorado.  We found a cute little swing set on craigslist for $40.  It isn't much, but its something that they can play on and doesn't take up too much space.  The girls love it.  We try to go out in the evening when the sun has passed our yard and things are shaded.  It's still yucky hot, but with a few popsicles in hand we manage.  The girls have just resorted to running around naked.  I never wanted to be one of those parents who let their kids run naked...but it's so hot who doesn't want to?

 We talked about going camping.  Keith loves to go camping and that's what he wanted to do for his birthday.  Sadly, my doctor and several friends and family weren't in the opinion that it would be very good with my current situation.  I only had a few more weeks and changing elevations could mess things up.  I could even feel things when we changed elevations coming home from Colorado.  So, we resorted instead to walking around Cabbela's and dreaming of camping.  The girls had fun playing in the tents and sleeping bags.

 Right before Keith's birthday we went to a 50% off day at Goodwill.  Keith found 8 nice suits for $12.50 a piece.  He was super excited that they fit and were in such great condition.  CRAZY!  That ended up being his birthday present.  Ada found a cute skirt and fluffy jacket thing.  Oh Goodwill, what would we do without you.  Honestly, most all my shopping comes from there.
 Keith had his birthday and it was pretty low key.  All he wanted was his favorite doughnuts from Krispy Kream.  He is a wonderful man and father to my kids.  I'm so grateful he is alive and mine.

My friend Brittany and a group in her ward were starting a Joy School for their 2-3 year olds.  They are in our stake and close by.  I asked if her group would be willing to include Rue.  I always wanted to do that with Ada, but we didn't have a group to join with.  Ada started a ballet class instead when she was three.  This was her first day of school.  She was very excited about it and did so well.  She got lots of compliments on how well she behaved and it made me so proud of her.  She is a very loving and easy going girl.  She has definitely had a better 2 year than Ada did, but they have different personalities.  I know 3 is coming and that is the hardest age.  I taught the last week of August as I was soon having a baby and wouldn't be able to teach for a bit.  The group was very kind and accommodating in my current situation.  It was tiring the week I had them, but it was very fun.  I loved teaching the kids and planning activities.  Rue is having a blast!

The Phoenix temple was all finished and the plans were being made for the dedication and cultural celebration.  Aunt Diane and Uncle John were put in charge of props for the celebration.  They called and asked if Keith would be willing to be on their team.  I was so excited for him, and jealous at the same time.  I can't be in on basically anything.  I did get to go one day for prop making and helped make the "rain makers" for the celebration.  I also got to make two "bakers" shirts for our ward.  That is the end of my contribution to the temple open house and celebration.

We had another HUGE rain storm (huge for Phoenix).  They called it the storm of 100 years.  We received so much that freeways were closed and roads everywhere were shut down.  It apparently hadn't rained that much in 100 years.  The street at the school at the end of our street was flooded.  Right after breakfast we hurried down there to play in the water.  People were trying to get their kids to school but getting through the "lake" was crazy.  Most of the cars were in water up to the top of their tires.  Several cars stalled in the water.  It was insane.  We had a great time watching cars and playing in the water.  The girls thought it was hilarious.  I love the rain!

Ada had her first dentist appointment.  We had tried to go at the beginning of the year and Ada had a melt down.  So we waited a bit till she was a a little older.  She was VERY nervous, but hang in there.  I stayed right by her except when they took x-rays.  They were very impressed with her for doing them.  They said usually they can't get kids her age to hold still to do the x-rays.  She did so well and obeyed what they asked her to do.  I was NOT impressed with her hygienist.  If you are working with kids maybe you should be a happy upbeat person.  Ada's was solemn and not friendly.  The dentist luckily was a very friendly lady.  She told us Ada's teeth were good.  Because of her gap in the front teeth we needed to make sure and floss and brush the back teeth that are crammed together.  I was SO relieved no cavities.  I don't even know how we would survive that.

Almost done...I'm SO uncomfortable and huge.  Getting close.  Teresa was due with her third (also a boy) on the 27th, but at the end of August still had not delivered. She has gone early with her other two.  I've never been early so I've just been planning to go all the way to the end.  September 15th...HURRY UP!!! 

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