Sunday, November 16, 2014

Keeping Busy Between Trips

When we got back from California we only had about three weeks until Keith was needed in Colorado.  It is rather hot in July, and being pregnant it was hard to feel motivated.  I did my best to keep up on the back yard.  We watered and played out there just for a bit in the morning.  By 8am it was hot and we had to come back in.

We decided to do Teresa's birthday craft early in the month since we would be gone on her birthday.  We made a flag burlap banner.  One of my favorite crafts.  Love the way it turned out.  We had a creat time.
Fourth of July was a bit of a hard day for me.  With this pregnancy I've had a lot of ups and downs emotionally.  I've really struggled psychologically.  Fourth of July I woke up having a bad spell.  We spent all morning and afternoon working on our hutch instead of getting done what needed to get done.  I was so grumpy and frustrated that I didn't even want to get with the family for the BBQ and swim.  We were an hour late, which I felt bad because we were bringing out Grandma.  We did make it, and after a little bit I was able to swing out of my mood.  We had the BBQ at Andrea's house.  They bought a house just a few months after us that has a pool.  This was our first time swimming in it.  We ate, chatted and had a great time.  We did a few sparklers and mini fireworks in the street together before heading home.  Hopefully Grandma had a good time.  Next year I'd really like to go camping or go stay in some small town and do whatever festivities they have going on.

Rue has figured out how to open the fridge and it has been a struggle for a week or more.  She gets into it ALL day long snitching food.  We decided to try and block the fridge door with a bucket of wheat.  We had already tried tapping it shut and that didn't work.  I had been working on applesauce and a box of fresh applesauce got set on top of the wheat bucket.  In her first attempt to get past the bucket she knocked it over.  I was quite frustrated as canning is not a piece of cake, hour project.  I lost three bottles to this accident.  I'm really hoping that when we get back from Colorado this phase will have passed.
Definitely feeling bigger and getting uncomfortable.  The doctor was a bit concerned about our traveling out of town.  Luckily we would get back just before 34 weeks which is when they say NO more traveling.  I'm already anxious to be done.  It's really hard to keep up with two toddlers with this huge belly and constant exhaustion.
Before leaving I took pictures of each of the chicks, just incase something happened to them while we were gone.  We had asked my cousin Kara to come live at our house while we were gone and take care of the yard and chickens.  She grew up with chickens and was comfortable feeding and caring for them.  I just worry with it being so hot and her gone at work all day.  I usually refill their water in the afternoon.  I'm sure they will be just fine, but I of course worry.  That's my job!

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