Monday, September 8, 2014

CA Day 5- San Jose

We had all decided to make this day a little more laid back since we'd been traveling the whole previous day.  We took our time getting ready.  There was a farmer's market in downtown Jose that we planned to go to.  We parked at the ADOBE building where Jeremy works.  We walked the few blocks to the market and had a wonderful time looking through all the shops.  Keith and I even got a few Indian food items.  It was just fun to be out and walking around.  After shopping, we headed back to the house and had lunch and then let the kids play a bit.  Then walked to the park near their house and the kids played.

It so nice to be able to go outside and be able to play.  Ada loved playing with the kids and LOVED jumping on the trampoline with them.  When we headed back we made dinner.  After dinner Rachel had a few errands she wanted to run, so she and I headed to the stores while the guys took care of the kids.  We had such a wonderful time chatting and shopping together.  I love that with her I can be totally open and just share how I'm feeling.  We had a great time.  When we got home the kids were down.  We stayed up chatting and it was just fun.  It's so great to have a couple (relatives) that we just love hanging out with.  We got to bed a little late, but totally worth it.  The plan for the next day was to head into San Francisco.

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