Sunday, September 28, 2014

CA Trip - Day 6 San Francisco

Saturday was our "last day" of our trip.  We planned to all go into the city and see some of the sites.  Jeremy and Rachel knew where the free parking was and fun things to go see.  We got up and tried to quickly get ready.  The drive was about 45 minutes.  The kids did well and before we knew it we came into the city.  I've only been there once that I can remember and we didn't stop in the city, we just drove through (across the Golden Gate Bridge).  Keith's uncle use to live there so he said he had been there a few times that he could remember.  The plan was to head down to the warf and see some stuff.

 It was mid to late morning when we finally got parked and headed down to the warf.  The pier had tons of shops and  we had fun exploring in and out of them.  At the end of the pier was a carrousel and stage.  Rachel and Jeremy were so sweet and got tickets for the carrousel for the kids.  Ada was beyond thrilled.  She has never gotten to ride one, so she was just in awe.  I was worried it would scare her…because she is afraid of most everything.  But, she and Rachel's kids had so much fun.  She loved picking out a character to sit on and loved flashing daddy her smile.  I stood by Rue and held her on her character.  It really was so fun to share in something new with the girls.  After that we got front row seats at the stage for a little magic show.  It turned out to be pretty awesome.  The guy was really good and it was entertaining.  Only downside, it was VERY sunny and a bit warm.  Sitting there we all got a little roasted.  I didn't burn at all at the beach or the zoo, but the 40 minutes or so that we watched this magic show roasted my neck.  Too funny.  

 After the magic show we went and looked out over the water and saw Alcatraz.  Keith really wanted to do a tour, but it wasn't something we wanted to do with the kids.  If his work ever sends him back here I'm coming and we will.  Around the corner was suppose to be this seal hang out spot or something.  I guess usually there are TONS of them that hang out there.  Sadly for us, there were maybe 3-4.  That's ok.  Guess we just have to come again another time.  Then we walked around.  The kids thought the statue dancer guys were hilarious.  Ada always had to ask me if they were real.  One time she even got braved and walked up to him, but once he started sing and dancing she got nervous.  

We walked over to Ghirradelli square.  It smelled divine there!  We all ordered some ice cream.  We got a delicious banana split to share with the girls.  It was warm, so the ice cream was a bit melty, but still very yummy.  We continues walking around.  It was amazing how many people there were.  Just really neat to see the culture of this infamous town.  We stopped by this famous bread store where they make the bread right there for you to see and they form the bread into all kinds of incredible shapes/animals.  We got some bread and soup to take home for dinner.  
It was later afternoon we we made it back to the cars.  My poor feet were killing me.  Between all the walking of the week, my pregnant body was finally starting to feel it.  

 On the drive home Keith and I discussed our plans for heading home.  The plan had been to leave Sunday morning and drive all day (about 12 hour trip).  Keith was feeling a bit anxious about getting home and then having work the next morning.  He really wanted to leave that night and drive all night that way we would get home Sunday morning and give him a day-ish to settle back in and rest.  We had just spent the whole day outside walking.  My body just isn't as strong as it usually is.  My concern was that I couldn't (even if I wanted to) stay up and help him drive.  I wasn't sure I could even stay awake to help keep him awake.  Usually when we drive at night we both stay up to help keep the other awake.  Keith was sure he'd be ok.  We got back to Rachel and Jeremy's and Keith started packing up.  I tried to help, but I was SO exhausted.  He got things packed up and we all had dinner together.  The kids were playing in the room and all of a sudden I hear Ada crying.  I run in and she had somehow gashed her knee on something.  It was a pretty good cut.  It probably could have used stitches, but it was on her knee which is hard.  We just cleaned it (I have to clean owies because Keith uses Alcohol and Ada wont let him touch her).  I got it cleaned and we put butterflies on it.  She will have a scar from it, but oh well.  We finally had everything ready to go around 8pm.  We said our goodbyes.  It was truly so wonderful to spend the time with Rachel.  I love being around her.  I miss having her live in Arizona with me.  It was such a quick visit, but so glad we got to be together.  Then we piled in and headed out.  We put on a movie for the girls so we could navigate our way out of the city.  After their movie, they both crashed.  I did my best to stay up with Keith, but around 11 or so I couldn't do it.  I just dazed in and out.  Keith had his music up and drank soda to help him.  Every once and a while I'd be able to wake up and talk with him a bit.  With the girls asleep and no need to stop often for a bathroom we were making GREAT time.  We even blew right through LA.  Being night we didn't hit ANY traffic.  It was awesome and we cut two hours out of the drive.  Around 3 or 4 Keith started getting a bit crazy.  He was saying all kinds of weird things and just being goofy weird.  He finally told me he had to trade.  I was still a bit dazed, but was able to trade him for an hour or so while he rested.  Then he drove again for an hour; then we switched again and I drove home.  We pulled in around 8 am Sunday.  We ran back and first thing we did was say hi to our chickens and make sure they were ok.  Then we put on a church movie for the kids and Keith and I went to bed.  It was a rather rough day as we were exhausted ALL day, but it was nice to be home.

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