Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Valentines day!

I'd made little cards for the girls and gotten a juice box for them.  As a kid mom and dad always had Valentines on the table with a special note for us.  My parents aren't big candy people so there were a few candy hearts, but that's pretty much it.  I loved the notes as a kid so I make them for the girls.  When they get up and come to the table there is a card for them, but I got the juice bottles as something fun.  The girls were so excited.  We made cookies and took them around to a few of our friends.  We made Valentines and mailed them to our cousins (the girl's cousins).  Keith's parents were available so that we could drop of kids and go out to eat.  We dropped the girls off and then headed to Red Robin.  Now that our parents knew we decided to let our siblings know.  As we drove there I sent out the text message to all my siblings that we were expecting our little baby.  Dinner was delish (of course).  It was SO busy being Valentine's day, but we survived.  Then we hurried home and started getting ready.  The stake was putting on a Sweetheart like dance for the adults.  Keith decided it would be fun to dress up like the 70s.  He has some awesome old clothes and a vintage salmon/orange ruffle tuxedo shirt.  I have an old dress my mom made when she was a teacher in the 70s.  The dress barely fit as I'm already starting to change physically.  Keith isn't much of an outgoing person, but he does have fun dressing up.  We got ready and headed over.  It was pretty funny.  Everyone had a good laugh at our get up.  Keith was silly and we had fun dancing.  I was feeling a little sick, so it was a bit hard to stay energetic.  Keith was a hit though.  We had a good time and it was fun to just be silly together.  Keith and I met at a dance (cheesy I know, but that's the truth).  We left the dance and picked up the girls and headed home.  It was a fun day!  Love my sweetheart Keith!

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