Friday, July 18, 2014

Surviving March

We tried to survive and keep busy.  Keith had two work trips this month.  My brother Kevin got engaged in January and they decided to get married in Aril.  It made for a rather hectic month getting ready.  During Spring break we threw a shower for our soon to be sister Jessica at my house.  We have lots of extended family over here on the west side of town.  It was fun to host and have the opportunity to share with family.
Keith was asked to go work in San Jose for a week.  I have a very close cousin there that I haven't seen in a while.  We looked into me going with him.  We talked to family and figured out what to do with the kids.  However, it turned out plane tickets were close to $700 and we just couldn't justify that.  So, once again I got left behind.  Sick, tired, and trying to care for two toddlers on my own.  Wimp, I know.  Pregnancy really isn't nice to me though.  We tried to keep busy with fun things.  We went out and saw the Phoenix Temple.  It is looking so nice.  The girls had fun looking at it.  We also decided to start hiking.  We went every week in the month of March.  Usually between 7:30-8am Tuesday or Wednesday.  I had asked my aunt (a super hiker person) for advice on taking kids hiking.  She said to make sure they have comfortable clothes/shoes, and then let them decide how far they want to go.  If I'm dragging them along they will come to hate it.  If I let them decide then it is more enjoyable.  I'm one who likes to start and just go go go until I'm done.  It was hard for me to reign in and let them decide.  It paid off.  We didn't go very far the first time, but they loved it.  The next week we got a little farther.  The third week we actually went with some friends and the girls were even more distracted and went farther.  The fourth week Doris and Julie (and their families) were here for the wedding and they came out and hiked with us.  With all the cousins and fun Ada hiked all the way to the top (I sadly didn't as I had to stay back with Rue, but I'm very proud of Ada for going all the way with her aunt and cousins).  I hope my girls grow to love hiking and being outside.  We always went hiking as kids.  I feel like it helped teach me dedication and self control.

Our ward also did a primary trip to the Phoenix temple.  They had a missionary guy there who talked to us a little about the temple.  It was actually designed to be smaller, but there was a huge protest by surrounding residents that it would block out the mountains and whatever.  So, the temple was redesigned to be mostly underground.  Being underground they could actually double the size of it.  How awesome is that.  Miracles out of trials.  The temple is pretty much completed inside, but because it is so HOT in Phoenix it won't be dedicated until the fall.

The word benches inside are made from mahogany, but they wanted it to have less flaws and joints so it is actually a special mahogany tree from Africa that grows taller than other mahogany woods.  So cool!  The temple is such an example of how we should treat our Heavenly Father and testimony.  Only the best and most valiant for the Lord.

We had a little picnic on the church grounds across the street.  The girls seemed to really have a great time.  I'm so grateful there will so be a temple close.  I hope they don't have the open house during September.   That will be very difficult since I will be having a baby.

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