Thursday, July 17, 2014

Puppy Run

It's been a bit crazy still with feeling sick and such, but trying to stay active when I can.  Sometimes if I get up and go running quickly enough I can actually avoid morning sickness for a few hours.  However, sometimes I just come back worse.  But, that's life and I can't just sit around for 40 weeks and I know the pregnancy will only be harder if I don't exercise while I still can.  Ada's pregnancy I was teaching and by the time I'd get home each night I was SO exhausted I never "exercised."  LaRue's pregnancy was actually much better.  Although I was still sick all the time I lived right by my sister and she would help me go to the gym and would run with me.  I ran basically every day until 3 days before I had her.  I felt better and recovery was easier.  So, I'd like to be better this time as well about exercise. However, I no longer have my sister beside me motivating me and I don't have a gym membership.  I contemplated joining a gym when I found out I was expecting.  I can run on the streets for a little while, but then when I start getting bigger it hurts my tummy and I have to use an elliptical.  A friend in our ward decided to sell hers just before Valentine's day.  We talked about it and it ended up being cheaper to buy her elliptical than to get a membership at the gym.  So a few days after Valentine's day we bought it from her and got it home.  I'm not big enough yet to need it though, but at least I'm ready for when I am.

Anyway, I was trying to keep active and running.  Especially with Spring coming it was already starting to warm up.  Most mornings I would get up and go while Keith got ready for work and then I'd get home and he'd head out.  However, there were mornings I just couldn't get up.  On those mornings I'd give the girls and bag of cereal, load them up in the double jogger and head out.  My miles have declined (as has my energy of late), so they usually lasted just fine.  One morning I decided to push and do 2 miles in my neighborhood.  (I know that sounds totally lame, but when all you do is want to throw was good for me).  I had just about reached my mile and a half when we noticed this tiny little dog following us.  I'm not a mean person, but I usually don't stop for stray animals.  Especially with my kids.  I can't take a chance that it will attack them or have some disease.  But this time, it was different.  The puppy just ran beside me.  I was worried about running it over with a tire so I stopped and knelt down.  The poor thing was shivering (it's still rather cool in the mornings) and jumped in my lap.  It seemed very tame and the girls wanted to see.  I set her in the stroller on their laps and she just laid there.  We decided our run was over and we needed to find the owner.  I started knocking doors around where I'd found her.  We knocked on SEVERAL houses and no one knew anything.  Not really sure what to do, I put her down to see what she would do.  She started running out in the street and it was "rush hour" with everyone getting off to work.  There were cars coming, but she was still in the road.  Not safe!  So, unlike me usually, we picked her up and took her back to the house.  I couldn't just leave her out there to get hit by a car.  We took her out back and the girls played with her and I got her some water.  I posted on facebook and asked for any suggestions what to do or what to feed her.  Ada had dance in the later morning.  We left her in the backyard while we were gone.

While Ada was at dance I picked up some puppy food at the store and called a friend who is good with dogs.  I asked her advice.  Do I take the puppy to a shelter?  Do I just make signs and post them around? Do we now have a dog?  We have wanted to get a dog for quite some time, but I really didn't want to get a puppy.  I don't have the time or energy to train a puppy.  The thought of a baby dog here with a baby kid coming was a tad overwhelming.  I decided to make posters and put them around the neighborhood.  We'd wait one or two days and then if no one responded we would decide whether to keep or take to a shelter.  Ada had fun all day holding her and trying to take care of her.  She was a puppy and therefore VERY energetic!  Sometimes she'd get a bit jumpy and then the girls would get scared.  Keith has wanted a dog for a while and he was excited to come home and play with her.  Again, puppy is playful, but she started jumping and such and then it wasn't as fun.  During dinner we got a phone call from someone in the neighborhood who saw our "found" poster and found a "lost" poster that matched.  They were calling to give us the number to the "lost" people.  Such a kind thoughtful stranger.  We called and it sounded like their puppy.  They came over about an hour later to pick up the puppy.  They were so excited and happy she was safe.  She was newer and they had been stressing about where she'd gone.  Ada was very sad to have her leave, but we talked about how kind it had been for her to take care of their puppy and help her get home safe.  She seemed to understand, but now she asks quite often when we are going to get our own dog.  We do plan to, but I think I'd like to get through having this baby first and make sure I can handle that first.

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