Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Mother Daughter Relief Society Activity

On May 13th was the Relief Society Mother Daughter activity.  I'm on the enrichment committee (as well as the Valiant girls teacher in Primary).  I was asked to be in charge of the photo booth.  I love decorating, but don't think I'm really all that talented at taking pictures.  Since I'd have the girls there I asked Keith (much better at taking pictures) if he would actually take the pictures.  I had fun setting up the area.  The plan had been to do it outside at the recreation area in the back of the church lot.  However; the weather was suppose to be quite windy so we moved it inside.  The theme was cowgirls. It was a very pleasant evening.  They had pulled pork sandwiches and chips, homemade root beer, fruit.  We ate and then they taught a few line dances.  The girls had fun dancing along.  After that they had three legged races.  Ada was SO cute!  She LOVED the races and just wanted to keep doing it over and over.  We did it a few times together, she did it with her aunt Melissa and then with her buddy from my class.  She is such a sweet girl and my kids love her. She is going into 5th grade, but she comes over sometimes to play with the kids and they just adore her.  It seemed to turn out ok and I thought everyone had a great time.  I may not always get along with my girls, but I sure do love them!  I am so blessed to have them in my life.

 My photo booth.  Would have looked cooler outside, but oh well.  I still think it's cute.

The RS president brought this saddle and saddle holder for the pictures.  It was totally perfect and the kids loved sitting on it for their pictures.

 This kid cracks me up!
 Races with my sweet Ada.  She was getting pretty good at it by the end.

 Races with their little buddy

How do you not LOVE that face!!!!

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