Monday, July 21, 2014

Kevin's Wedding

The wedding was Friday April 4th at 9 in the morning.  There was basically NO way we would be able to get ourselves ready for the whole day, get us ready and kids ready, and drive the hour out there in time.  We talked with Teresa and agreed to stay the night there Thursday so that we only had a 7 minute drive.  We also got Abby, Doris' second daughter, to stay the night so that we also had a babysitter there with the kids in the morning.   Thursday everyone was getting together to hang out at the park and play at Andrea's house.  Keith works until 6pm and I didn't want to miss out on everything.  So we packed up everything we needed and headed out in the morning.  We met at the new Mesa Riverview park and had such a fun play date.  Sadly, Ada was massively grumpy and I was feeling a tad discouraged.  Even mom tried to help out.  She is such a challenge for me sometimes.  She is very headstrong and cannot be reasoned with.  It's hard to communicate with her.  After lunch we all headed back to Andrea's house to put little ones down for a nap.  We visited and the kids played.  Close to dinner time Teresa and I headed back to her house.  She had Tyler get some pizzas for dinner.  I have to admit I was wearing out and tired of fighting kids (mostly Ada) all day.  Keith didn't get there until after 7pm.  I know that he was hungry and just wanted to visit too, but I was out of patience and bathing the kids put me on edge and then I was just snappy with him.  I know I should have been more understanding, but it's hard when I feel awful and am worn out of fighting kids all day.  To top it off, after baths I was getting Ada's hair in curlers and realized Rue was missing.  NOT a good thing if you know her.  If you can't hear her or see her...she is being naughty!!!!  Went to go find her.  She was in "our" room.  She had gotten into my makeup bag and was dumping my foundation all over Teresa's dog.  ARRRRRRRRGGG! It was just too much!  I snapped and Keith was very frustrated with my reaction.  It just created a rift between us and I'm so sad that is how it was.  Kids took a bit to get to sleep, but did eventually get down. We just watched a movie and Teresa and I did our toes.  We didn't stay up late as we had an early morning ahead.

We woke up and started getting ready.  We decided to get the kids ready minus their clothes.  We were worried they would get them messy playing while we were at the temple.  Ada has this weird outbursts when she knows we are going somewhere important.  If we are trying to go she will have a massive meltdown and just cry that she is going too.  We tried to be calm and let her know we were going to the wedding and would be back soon.  She continued to meltdown so Teresa put on a movie for them to watch so we could get away.  She was still very angry, but at least we could get away.  I'm not sure why she does it only sometimes and how to respond.  We rode together over to the temple.  We made it and it was fun to go inside with it now dedicated.  It was a little confusing where to go and where to get socks and such, but we did figure it out and made it in time.  The ceremony was wonderful.  The same guy that sealed Keith and I sealed them (bro. Hansen).  It seemed so weird to see Keith getting married.  How on earth did he grow up?  It was nice to look around and seem so many of my family.  For some reason David wasn't there, but otherwise all my siblings were there together.  I love my family!

As soon as it was over we RUSHED back to the house to grab kids.  We threw on dresses and headed out.  Sadly, we missed them coming out of the temple.  Sad!! But BARELY managed to get there as they were taking the big in front of the temple group shot.  Then we went around back to take more pictures.  Rue was a tad sassy (I think she was just hungry).  It was fun to see all the kids together in their outfits.  The colors turned out so pretty together.

After pictures was the luncheon at mom and dad's church building.  We got there and changed kids out of their clothes (the lunch was lasagna...not a good combination with kids and nice clothes).  It was nice to chat with aunts and uncles and just visit with each other.  The food was delicious and we were all very hungry.  After the luncheon we all went back to my parent's house to hang out until evening and reception.  Keith got Rue to take a nap.  The rest of us visited or slept.  It was just nice and chill.  We had left over lasagna and random things for dinner.  Kevin didn't really have groomsmen so when they started taking pictures (earlier than the reception started) they wanted all the brothers and brothers-in law to go over and stand in line for the pictures.  Sadly, that meant me getting the kids dressed and over there alone.  The reception was very close to my parent's house.  The decorations were adorable!  They just hired someone to come and decorate and it was super cute.  They had a brownie and ice cream bar as well as fruit shish kabobs and a few other things.  They had a cute vintage bike picture and props area.  In the young women's room they had actually set up a little bounce house for little kids.  It was fun for the girls to play in there.  They had a big dance area and the girls were so excited to dance.  We had fun just dancing with our kids and being silly.  They had a cool idea of using sparklers in place of bubbles or rice as they left.  It was so cool looking.  They had Sonic ice (crumbly ice).  I had just filled up a cup to take with me when they were getting ready to head out.  Kev asked if I knew where he could get a cup, so I filled it up and just gave it to them.  It was kind of funny.  After they left Keith said he'd head home with the girls and get them down and I could come home with the other car whenever I was ready.  It was very nice of him.  I went back in and had fun dancing and hanging out with my siblings.  Andrea was crazy!  It was a fun night.  We didn't stay too much longer as they had to start cleaning up.  It was fun to drive home alone and be able to listen to my own music.  That doesn't happen very often.  It was nice to be home.  It was a beautiful day and everything went so well.  I'm so happy for Kevin and Jessica.

(The next day was General Conference.  The girls did the best that they ever have.  We enjoyed the calm relaxing day.  In the evening we headed back out for the guys to go to Priesthood session together.  The girls had a dance party at the house and just visited.  After the session the guys went out to Red Robin.  Sadly, that meant we got home rather late, but it was still nice to spend time with the family.  I'm glad Keith was willing to go with my family and he of course loves any chance to go to Red Robin)

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