Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy 2 years Rue-ster

My tiny lady is TWO years old!  This little spunky lady has changed our lives forever.  She is my tender, CRAZY, daredevil kid.  She is talking more now and finally saying sentences.  Her talking came later than Ada, but she is better and physical feats.  She still climbs everything and is willing to do anything Ada does.  She loves to do school with us and is getting pretty good at her fine motor skills.  She is starting to look more like her daddy, but I think she still mostly looks like me.  She loves to snuggle and give kisses.  I usually call her Rue or Rue-ster.  Keith always calls her "Do" and Ada usually calls he RaRue (which is what she has always called her).  She loves nursery and as soon as Sacrament is over is dragging us back there to find her class.  Sometimes she jumps out of the bench and will go find some random person (usually someone she recognizes a little) and grab their hand to have them take her to nursery.  She still is much more outgoing than Ada, but we are starting to see some hesitations every once and a while.  She doesn't like bugs, but is often more brave to squish it than Ada.  When it is nap time she will run away with Ada and Ada tries to hide her so I can't put her to sleep.  They still enjoy playing together most of the time.  They are starting to fight more over toys.  Actually they just like to tease each other.  Rue LOVES to take Ada's toys and run away with them.  She loves to sing and dance.  She LOVES to put on dress ups and has even started showing interest in barbies and doll play.  For her birthday Ada went with me to the store and we picked out a baby doll for her.  It's the first time I can remember actually buying my kids a new toy.  We usually just get used toys for them.

We had to put up her morning ribbons in the hallway so that Ada could still get out.  Ada usually wakes up before her, but she also uses the bathroom at night.  Ada was very good to hang back and let Rue get through her ribbons.  We had a special waffle breakfast.  I do feel a little bad, I didn't plan anything for her day.  I wasn't feeling well still so her birthday was very low key.
 Ada tried very hard to be good today.  It is hard for someone else to get all the attention and get gifts.  Ada was very excited to give Rue the doll she helped to pick out, but then it was hard to not be allowed to play with it.  I told her after a few weeks it wouldn't be as new or special and then she could have a turn more often, but for now it was new and special for Rue.  She is a good sister (for the most part) to her little sister.  I love to see them play, or show love to each other.  I hope they always have a good bond.

 Rue really is a tender loving girl.  She loves to make you laugh and give hugs.  She hugs everyone!
 This is her new "smile".  This is pretty much the only thing we can get her to do when we say "smile."  It's pretty funny, but it's her trademark smile.

We did invite our parents over to have cake and ice cream with us.  I just made a pineapple upside down cake (first time doing it alone).  We had pizza for dinner.  Mom and dad actually came out and they brought Grandma Broderick over with them.  They had dinner with us and then Keith's parents came over for dessert.  It was a fun calm evening.  Keith and I decided last minute to tell our parents about the baby.  I've been so sick, it's only a matter of time before people around me start figuring it out and we didn't want friends and ward people to know before our parents.  So as things we winding down we announced our baby news.  Mom and dad were so excited!  They gave me hugs and mom said she had been wondering (because of my deep breathing and other sick symptoms).  Keith's parents said they were surprised we had beat Melissa.  It's just nice to have it out and not have to hide.  I don't like telling so early, but I'm needing a little support.  Really struggling still with headaches and sickness.  Overall, a great day.  I didn't feel like I put as much effort as I usually do, but I did the best I could this time.  I love my little Rue.  She is so special and sweet.  I love her little personality.  Happy birthday my darling little lady.  We love you so much!

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