Wednesday, July 23, 2014

First Two Weeks of June

 After our anniversary we had about two and a half weeks before our family reunion.  So, we tried to stay busy and get ready for everything.  It has been very hot and I'm having a hard time enjoying life with it 84 degrees in our house.  But, good things have still happening.  Ada has gotten better at making her bed.  One morning while I was in the shower she even made my bed (above).  They were waiting there for me when I got out to show me.  It was very sweet of Ada to make my bed.

 We picked lots of apples from Grandma Broderick's tree.  We've been busy with making dried apple slices and applesauce.  Ada even got pretty good and helping me put the apple pieces on the dehydrator trays.  I remember doing this when I was little.  I want my kids to help and be involved in canning too.  The applesauce I usually don't have them help because I do open jar canning and it's to hot and not kid friendly.  Keith usually helped me do the canning at night when the kids were down.  I'd have the sauce cook during the evening and when kids were asleep we'd can it.

 We found someone giving this jeep thing away for free.  It doesn't work, which is totally fine with me. I actually prefer it not to work, that way they use their imagination.  We are trying to still spend what time we can outside.  Every morning I have to water the grass by hand.  I dream of the day we can put in a watering system, but it's too expensive right now.  So, while I water the kids play with the chickens or sit in their car and eat their breakfast smoothies.  I still try to run on my elliptical at least 3-4 times a week.  It helps that I have to get up early to water.  I just run for 20-25 min then start my watering.  I ripped out most of my garden as it is getting too hot and they aren't producing anymore.  Plus it's too hot to care for them right now.

 Rue has learned how to pick up her chicken.  Now that they are bigger we let her try.  We have to watch though because sometimes she tries to pick them up by their wings.  Usually she just runs around the yard chasing her Mickey.  The girls love their chickens and want to hold them all time.  They love to eat grass out of our hand.  Their favorite treat is watermelon.  It's pretty fun to watch them devour it.  They like cooked rice too.  They do eat it out of our hands, but only Bruce it good not to peck your hand.  Usually we just put it on the block wall and let them go to town.  They love little treats like that.
Rue has started being a stinker at meal times.  She still eats well, she just fights now with veggies sometimes.  In our house the rule is you get your veggies on your plate first and don't get any other food until it's gone.  It works for us.  I want my kids to know how to eat healthy and to have veggies apart of every meal.  Lately she has been very stinky about her salad at dinner.  She wont eat it for me, but she will let Ada feed it to her.  It's a tad frustrating that she fights me, but I LOVE that lets her sister help.  I LOVE that Ada loves to help her.  When I get frustrated at meal time and push her chair away Ada will drag her chair over to her and feed her.  She is a good helper!

I've been working on ideas for use in the car on our trips.  Our family Reunion is in San Diego, but afterwards we are going to drive up to San Jose to visit my cousin and her family.  It's a LONG drive and I'm worried about the girls.  Keith also got a call that they are needing him to shift (what they call it when they are sending him to another office to work) to Denver, Colorado.  They asked him to go for a month at first, but then said they could probably get it done in two weeks.  He called me and asked if I wanted to go.  He's never had to go that long and since I will be VERY pregnant he didn't want to leave me to fend alone.  The thought of living somewhere cooler for a few weeks was very enticing so we agreed and he was set to go in July.  We would drive so there would be another 12 hour driving trip ahead of us.  I looked online for ideas people had for long car drives.  I found a lady that made these trays.  I took the idea, tweaked it a bit and made two for the girls out of scraps I had.  I'm excited to try them out and see how they work on the long drive.  Feeling very anxious about how the girls will do in the car.  It's hard for me to turn around and care for them much since it makes me sick...oh and I'm pregnant and uncomfortable on top of that.  Fingers crossed!!

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