Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Easter and Chicks

Keith and I have been talking for a while about getting chicks.  He had chickens growing up and thought it was so fun.  I was a little more hesitant.  I've never been a big bird person.  I had a pet parakeet for a little while when I was young.  I didn't like it.  They flutter and the wings freak me out.  As do their beaks, not a fan of being pecked.  But, I decided to go along and give it a try.  I checked out several books from the library and tried reading up on how to care for them and what we would need.  I have a friend with chickens and asked her for some advice.  The week before Easter we decided to go down to Pratt's Pets and pick them up.  We had decided on three so that in case one died we would still have two (chickens have to have a playmate, they are social creatures and if they don't have another friend will die).  I didn't want to do more than that for fear of it being scary or overwhelming.  The chicks were so cute I'm not going to lie it was hard to limit to only three.  I wanted all their cute fluffy little bodies.  We wanted to get three different kinds so it would be easy to tell them apart.  We wanted to get a Rhode Island Red, but they were out.  So, we got a Red and Black Sex Link and one White (can't remember the name right now).  We did the bum check and made sure they had clear eyes.  I was really sad they they just put them in a brown bag.  We grabbed food, heat lamp and water/food trays and hurried home.  The girls were so excited!  We decided to keep them inside on the tile in a box.  The girls each picked one.  Ada went first, she picked the white one.  She wanted to name it some weird Lalantria or something name.  We couldn't even say it so we asked if she could pick something easier for us to say.  I suggested Ariel and she loved it.  Rue picked the red one and she called (without help) it Mickey.  Keith and I got the black one.  We name it Bruce Wayne (batman, in case you don't know).

 They are so tiny and cute I couldn't stop checking on them all day.  I was scared to even go to sleep, I wanted to make sure they were ok.  They are just SO cute and tiny.  We didn't really let Rue hold them as she just wanted to squeeze, but we would hold it up and she would nuzzle its head.  Ada was aloud to hold, but only with our help.  She was very attentive and wanted so much to just play with them.  The first week or so was a little more demanding.  You have to check and make sure they have food and clean water.  If they drink water with poop in it they can die.  I usually changed their water 3-4 times a day.  Cleaned out the box once a day and added food when it was low.

 Bruce quickly became my favorite (and Keith's).  She was very outgoing and when we put our hand down in the box she would run over and jump in our hand.  She liked to be help and didn't make tons of noise if we took her out.  Mickey turned into the biggest wimp.  If any of the chicks were moved she would freak out and go crazy chirping.  She and Ariel built some kind of bond and were always together.  They didn't like to be separated.  It was fun to see their personalities start to show.  Hadn't expected that.  Every night after the girls were down Keith and I would get them out and hold them and pet them.  It was so fun.  They loved when Keith would lay down and we put all three on him tummy.  They would snuggle together and go to sleep on him.  It was very sweet.  After a few weeks, when it was a little warmer, we would take the chicks outside for a little bit in the afternoon and it let them be outside.  Ada was very helpful in watching and helping keep them in their "area."  As they got a little stronger we taught Ada how to carefully pick them up.  She proved to be responsible about it and we tried to let her have more jobs over them.  We have grown very found of our little chicks and they are a big part of our lives now.  Silly maybe, but they are so sweet.

Bruce continued to be our favorite and she didn't mind be separate from the others.  So, at night we would lay out a blanket or towel and bring her over to watch tv with us.  She would snuggle on our laps or jump around.  Just so darn cute!  I like holding her.  I may actually be getting over my fear of birds.

 As for actual Easter, we had a fun weekend.  The Saturday before Home Depot was having an Easter Egg hunt.  They are only a few blocks away which is convenient for us.  Keith had some scout stuff going on and I was alone with the girls.  I decided it would be much more fun to go do that than clean the house by myself.  We had a great time.  The girls thought it was so cool to hunt for eggs in the garden/plant area.  In the afternoon was the usual Broderick Easter egg hunt and potluck.  My family was coming out which is always fun for the kids.  Ada loves any chance to play with her cousin Kenna.  The girls had fun hunting for eggs this time.  Last year Ada totally didn't get it and Rue wasn't able to.  Both girls totally got it this year.  It was fun to see their excitement hunting and finding.  Rue is actually a very good looker.  If something is missing we usually send her to find it.  Ada usually can't see it if it's on the ground in front of her.  So, funny how different they are.  We had a great time together.  Teresa and Kenna came over after the party to see the chicks and play for a bit.  It was fun to see Ada show Kenna the chicks.  Then we tried to dye eggs with the older girls, but it didn't work out as the dye I'd bought the year before was dried up.  oh well.   We got the kids down and put out their dresses (we just used the dresses from Kevin's wedding).  We put up the pictures of Jesus and hid a few eggs for the girls.  Growing up we never really did "Easter Egg Baskets."  We got a new dress, a few jelly beans and mom would hang up tons of pictures (usually cut out of the Ensigns) of Jesus's life all over the house.  It was a nice reminder of what the day was really about.  Ada has loved it.  She gets excited to walk around and look at the pictures and pick her favorites.  The girls were very excited and we had such a nice Easter.  For dinner we have gone to the Christian's house for the past few years.  Grandma Christian usually dyes eggs with the kids.  I had seen a Pinterest idea using a marshmallow that you cover with a roll and back.  The marshmallow is suppose to disintegrate and so you have an "empty tomb" roll.  We made some and took it over to share with the family.  Sadly, they didn't all turn out very well, but at least they were yummy.  It was just a nice relaxing day.  I'm so grateful for my Savior.  For this time and season to teach my children how important it is and to share my testimony with them.

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