Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cultural Pass

The library does a Cultural Pass.  It is a free pass that admits two so several different museums or the zoo.  This is how we survived May.  I got a different pass each week.  Our favorite was the Children's Museum.  I'd LOVE to get a member ship.  We spent 4 hours there and the girls were TOTALLY entertained.  It was fantastic!  If you haven't been...GO!
 The jungle gym thing in the very beginning is INCREDIBLE!!! Seriously, heaven for a child.  I had SO many people tell me how surprised they were tiny little Rue was so adventuresome.  She really is a pretty brave kid.  She couldn't do everything that Ada did, but she sure tried.  Ada had so much fun just going off exploring.  I'm proud of her for being brave and trying new things.  We played there the longest.  I went with them the best I could, but its starting to get harder to more around in small spaces.

 Their second favorite place is the kitchen and store.  Ada asks all the time to go back to this section.  They have a grocery store set up with carts and checkout counters.  The kids love grabbing food off the shelves and checking it out.  The room next door is a kitchen where they can make pretend food.  It is so brilliant.  I think I'm going to try and make some of these things for the girls to play with at home.

 We found this fort room that we hadn't seen before.  Ada and Rue had a blast building a fort and creating beds and playing house in it.  Such a great place to enhance kid's imaginations.  I love it!

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