Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cinco De Mayo...disaster

Keith has informed me several times that no one in Mexico even cares about this "holiday."  Which is so funny since people make sure a big deal about it here in the states.  I decided regardless it would be fun to have a little celebration.  We invited three families over to have a pot luck mexican meal and family home evening with us.  I spent the day excited and trying to get things ready.  I even made horchata (even though Keith hates it).  Everyone started coming around 5:30.  We had dinner first.  Everyone had brought something to share and all the food was so yummy!!!  After dinner the plan was to do a little pinata that had the FHE lesson inside.  Ada and I had spent the past few days making it and she was very proud of it.  We'd even gotten some salt water taffy to put inside.  After dinner we were just sitting around chatting and I totally spaced that I had taken the chicks outside.  They were getting bigger and I knew that during dinner kids would be distracted with the chicken box.  I didn't want kids getting dirty or chickens getting squished so I'd put them outside.  Keith had been working on their coop for a while and it was almost done.  There was one side that didn't have wire in it yet so we put a big piece of wood against it to block it.  The door was on, but didn't have the latch.  I remember several times that day thinking I should go out there with a twisty tie and make a little "latch," but I didn't head that thought.  Around 6:30 I realized we needed to get started.  I looked outside and realized the chicks were still out there.  I don't ever leave them out there long, and this was the first time having them out there unsupervised (yes, I'm overbearing...I like them now).  I asked Keith to grab their box and help me bring them in so we could go outside to do the pinata.  We went to the coop and the door was open.  I looked over by the shed and saw a cat run away.  I panicked and looked in...only one chick!  Keith and I started freaking out running around the yard looking.  I went to where I saw the cat.  I assumed if it had gotten the chicks there would be tons of feathers or fluff, but nothing.  Others started coming out seeing our commotion and helped us look around for our chicks.  I went back by the garage and there I saw my sweet Bruce huddled against the door.  I ran for her, but as I got close I noticed her eye was hanging out (sorry if that's gruesome, but it was).  I couldn't even touch her, I just started crying.  Keith ran over and started crying too.  Don't think less of us, these sweet baby chicks are our pets.  He picked her up and took her over to the box.  We had invited his friend Dan and his family and it just so happened Dan's dad is a vet.  They both started calling his dad to get advice what to do for Bruce.  The rest of us continued to look for Mickey (the still missing chick).  Keith finally went out the back gate to see if SOMEHOW she'd gotten to the front.  She had.  How she got there, I'm not sure, but she was fine.  Dan told us to separate Bruce from the others until we heard back from his dad what to do.  Chickens often peck at an injured peer.  Bruce wasn't moving much.  She just laid there and didn't move.  I tried to get control and bring things back around.  I didn't want to ruin the rest of the night for everyone.  I was very distracted mentally with thoughts of Bruce, but Keith was on it calling and finding out what to do.  We did the pinata.  It was pretty funny to see all the little kids try to hit it.  They didn't really understand.  Rue was cool with it.  I think she was even the one to break it (again, I was distracted mentally...I don't remember).  The kids had fun gathering candy and their FHE bag.  The lesson was the Plan of Salvation.  They got to color the pieces and glue them on a big paper in order.  I'd had all these hopes of making it a more meaningful lessons, but I just couldn't pull my thoughts together.  Each family worked together in putting their pieces together.  The kids colored and it seemed ok (just not as great as I'd planned).  A little after 8 everyone headed out.  Keith had been able to reach Dan's dad who said to use and warm cloth and just wipe the eye away then put neosporin on it.  He said to keep putting the medicine on it several times each day and then to bring the chick into get a shot or something in case the cat had any diseases on it.  We didn't actually have any neosporin so Keith ran to Walgreens to get some while I put the girls down.  We knelt together and I told the girls (we hadn't really let them look at Bruce's injury) about how Bruce had been hurt and would be sick for a little bit.  We said a special prayer for her.  Again, maybe that sounds silly but I'd basically been silently praying for her since we'd found her.  We said a prayer just for her then the girls went down.  Usually I lay with them, but I was anxious to check on Bruce.  The girls were surprisingly cooperative as they were concerned about her tool.  They let me lay them down and just leave.  I went to my Bruce and she was still just laying there unmoving and acting odd.  I picked her up and...her eye was back in.  I'm not kidding, it was there!  Nothing was hanging out anymore.  She had a cut just below her eye, but it was no longer hanging out.  I just sat there crying until Keith came home.  He was TOTALLY shocked too.  Our very own prayer miracle.  Seriously, I can't even explain it.  We still wiped her face and put the medicine on.  We kept her separate that night.  I had to sub the next morning and was frustrated that I wouldn't be able to watch and care for her during the day.  In fact, I was too scared to look in the box for a little bit in the morning.  I was scared I'd look in and she would be dead.  I just hoped that if she had died Keith would have taken care of it before left.  She was alive.  Still walking funny, but she was moving a bit more and making some noises.  I still had to work, but luckily it is just around the corner so during lunch I ran home to check on her.  We continued putting the medicine on her for a week or so, but she healed very quickly and the others never picked at her.  We moved her back in with the others after I got home from work and she has been fine.  I'm SO grateful for prayer and that Heavenly Father is mindful of even our silly chicks that we love.  Our poor little Bruce, she is our spoiled little chick and I'm happy to say she has made a full recovery!

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