Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Camping in Tuscon

Keith's work was hosting a family camping outing.  They reserved a campground in Tucson and any was invited to come.  Keith wanted to join in so we made plans to go.  He got off work on Friday half day and we packed up and headed out.  We usually hate camping in camp grounds, but oh well.  The traveling was ok.  Kids did fine and only had to stop once for a bathroom.  It took a while to get to the mountain and then we headed up.  It was one of the WORST roads I'd been on.  It was SO winding and curvy.  Rue and I both got sick pretty quick.  I was more worried about her and tried to help her.  Poor kid looked so miserable...as I probably did.  When we were kind of at the top I told Keith he had to pull over.  I jumped out and just threw up.  It was awful!  Motion sickness and pregnancy=not so fun!  Our stop for me though gave Rue the chance to calm down.  She didn't throw up.  We were the first ones to the campground so we had first pick.  We got everything out.  Kind of lame, you weren't allowed to park at your campground so we had to haul all our stuff from the parking lot to our site.  We got all set up by the time others started showing up.  Only 5 others showed up, however it was still nice.  It was kind of weird that we were the only ones with kids, but whatever.  That tends to always be how it is.  Weird, do people not want families anymore?  The kids did well and we did survive the evening.  Ada was afraid of the bathrooms.  It was one of those pits with a seat.  Totally gross, I'd rather just go by a tree.  She refused to use it all that evening, but did finally break down the next morning.  Kids slept fine.  It did get a bit chilly.  Rue woke up around 4 and I pulled her in bed with us.  Keith and I always sleep on a queen air mattress and then we have an Adam and Eve sleeping bag (two person sleeping bag).  I LOVE it, we just snuggle all night and then kids can fit in with us if needed.  In the morning everyone was going hiking.  We decided to walk around a bit, but then just head back into Tucson and meet up with our good friends.  Ada had fun walking and talking with one of the older ladies that had come.  They just hung out together the whole time we were putting down camp.  On the way down we decided to stop part way (to break up the awful drive and hopefully avoid sickness.  There was a view point about half way that we stopped at and walked around.  It was quite pretty and the girls liked exploring with daddy.  We made it safely down and without anyone throwing up.  We met up with our friends at a little restaurant and had some lunch.  They are very good friends and the girls love them.  We went back to their house for a little bit to see what they have done with it.  We came and saw it right after they moved in, but they had made improvements and fixed the backyard.  It was fun to visit for a while.  They don't have kids, but are so good with our girls.  Sadly the girls were a bit tired and grumpy and it was embarrassing to have them throwing tantrums left and right.  It was a fun visit and then we headed back home.  It was a nice calm weekend and I'm actually very glad we went down for it.  Mother's day was Sunday, but it really was a calm break for me.  I always get stressed and overwhelmed, but as soon as I'm there I love it.  I love being outdoors.

Mother's day was it's usually bleh.  Not going to lie, I actually don't like this "holiday."  I always get my hopes up that things will be nice, but it never fails to be awful.  Ada always spends the whole morning yelling at us because she doesn't want to go up and sing in Sacrament meeting.  I try to get a picture before church with them and they always scream and cry that they don't want to.  The afternoon is then me cooking and cleaning up after.  Not really a great day.  We did go out to have dinner with my family this year.  We had dinner and Kevin and Jessica's place.  It was nice to have people to chat with, but kids were still on their rampage or ruin the day.  At least they got to play outside for a bit with their cousins.  Again, not my favorite day.  Maybe someday it will get better.

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