Wednesday, July 23, 2014

California Day 1

We got the car packed up the night before and had everything ready to go in the morning.  We wanted to get away at 6am so we could miss most of the rush hour traffic and then not be traveling during the hottest part of the day.  We got away a little late, but I think it was only 6:20 when we started out on the freeway.  We did this same drive a year ago and Rue screamed for the first three hours.  The drive went SO so SO much better.  The girls did great.  They loved their trays and it helped to have set things ready to play.  I always pack a bag of activities that I keep up with me.  When they get bored with what they are doing I pass back a new activity.  We put clothes pins on the dashmat.  Every hour that they are good without talking back, fighting or screaming they get a fruit snack.  They don't usually get those, so it is a huge treat and very exciting to them.  They did so well.  The only problem we had was Rue throwing up after a winding passage.  I looked back and she looked sick.  I grabbed a cup (in my family you DON'T travel anywhere without huge cups designated as throw up cups).  She started throwing up before I could get it back, but just barely.  Most of it went in the cup, just a little on her seat.  We pulled over and got her cleaned up and the seat.  While we were cleaning a cop pulled up behind us to make sure things we ok.  We told him one of the girls had thrown up and he was quick to get on his way.  It was pretty funny.  That was the only problem we had.  It was actually a very successful 6 hours.  We made it there around lunch time.

 Keith's parents, the twins and their parents has gone up the day before.  They were there when we got there, but as soon as we got there they headed out to go somewhere.  So, we just played together as a family and set up our camp sight.  The cabins at the KOH were very small so Melissa's family and our family decided to just get a camp site and share it.  We set up our tent and played with the girls at the campground playgrounds.  People started trickling in and we just visited with them.  For dinner we just found a Little Caesar's Pizza close and got cheap pizzas.  We just chatted and hung around with people as they arrived and then headed to bed.

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