Thursday, July 24, 2014

CA Day 4 - Travel to San Jose

The drive from San Diego to San Jose is 8 hours. We had a long day a head of us and wanted to get a good early start.  We got up around 7:30 and started getting things packed up and ready to go.  This girl did so well and I loved waking up and looking at her cute face smiling back at me.

We went over for breakfast and hardly anyone was even up.  We ate and said goodbye to those that were up.  We couldn't wait, we needed to get going.  We got away around 9 (later than we had originally wanted).  The drive was LONG.  The kids still did pretty well with minor melt downs.  No one threw up and it was fantastic.  The girls are getting use to being in the car I guess.

We made it to San Jose around 6pm.  I was SO excited to see my cousin!  Her kids are older than mine, but they started playing and did so well together.  They have chickens and the girls were SO excited to see and hold chickens again.  We miss our chickies!  They played on the trampoline and outside while we put together dinner.  We got kids down around 8pm and visited for a while.  It was so nice to see Rachel and be able to visit!  Keith had visited them when he was here on work.  Their kids apparently loved him.  I was surprised at how candid and fun he was with them.  He usually is reserved around other people's kids.  It was fun to see him interacting with them.  Long day, and we were glad to go to sleep a little early.

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