Thursday, July 24, 2014

CA Day 3 - Zoo Day

Wednesday the 25th was set up as zoo day at the San Diego Zoo.  The girls did sleep in a little, but were still up by 7:15am.  We went over for breakfast and to get the plan for the day.  Again, hardly anyone was up and definitely no plans were ready for the zoo.  We decided to just get ready and be prepared for as soon as we heard the plan.  We got snacks and stuff packed.  The original plan had been to leave at 8am.  Around 9, we were ready and girls were getting tired of waiting.  We went in search of the plan.  We were given our tickets, but everyone else was just getting up.  The tickets are expensive and the zoo huge.  We wanted again, to take advantage of as much time as we could (especially in the morning while it was still cool).  We were told everyone was meeting just outside the gates at 1pm for lunch.  We headed out and got in the zoo.  We made a plan of how to see pretty much everything.  We got going.  If you have ever been to the San Diego is hilly!  We decided the time we had to make it back to the front by 1pm would allow us to go up the BIGGEST hill to the polar bear exhibit.  We headed out making sure to keep an eye on our time.  After and hour or two we did get a call from the family that they had arrived.  We told them where we were, but apparently they all decided to do the bus tour.  We were a little bummed that they weren't going to join us, but that's ok.  We would meet up at lunch and then be together.  The polar bears were awesome!

The first thing we went and saw were the Koala bears.  The girls are pretending to be koalas.

Swimming polar bear.  There was also a little seal climbing thing to take pictures.  Rue just wanted to play with that.

We saw so many cool things!  Staying in our time frame we headed back around 12.  Just as we were heading back we got a call that the family was all ready to eat then and they were just going to start.  LAME!  We were a good walk away because we thought we still had an hour.  We started booking it there, but seriously...I'm 6.5 months pregnant.  I did the best I could and Keith went ahead with the girls in the stroller (thank goodness for our double stroller).  We made it from the top of the polar bear hill down in like 45 min (amazing if you ask me).  We got out to where everyone was and they couldn't even find sandwiches for us.  I felt really bad.  Keith was VERY angry.  He could hardly hold it together.  We did manage to find three sandwiches.  We sat down to eat and then they wanted everyone to gather for the group shot.  Keith almost lost it (don't really blame him).  Our kids had fallen asleep on our race down the hill.  So we had to wake them up and get them in the picture.  It was just crazy and frustrating.  As soon as the picture was done everyone was ready to head back in.  So they left and we sat alone and 1pm.  They called us a little later and told us they were headed up to see the polar bears and wanted us to join when we were done.  Um...already did that.  Keith was frustrated so we just decided we would be alone again today and spend time with OUR family.  I was bummed the kids couldn't be with everyone else, but what do you do?  So, we continued with our original plan and after lunch we went on the bus tour and the skyride.  The sky ride was actually rather scary at first.  The kids were a little freaked out but soon thought it was cool.  We had a great time and saw so many cool things.  Our favorites:

  • polar bears swimming
  • hippos swimming (SO COOL! never seen a real hippo before)
  • one week old giraffe
  • gazelles racing in a herd
  • Zebra rolling in the dirt
  • A monkey jumped on the back of a little hippo in the water and started jumping up and down.  The hippo raised up and the monkey played on its back and drank water while sitting on the hippo
  • Tiger ATTACKING a plastic bucket.  It was tearing it up, it was SO cool
  • Koala bears
  • Elephants getting pedicures
The monkey jumping on the hippo was our favorite overall.

By the end of the day (around 4) poor little Rue was done.  She was SO tired and just couldn't keep it together.  I was hurting pretty darn bad.  Rue sat in the stroller and I waddled along through our last planned route.  Keith and I got our character drawing made.  I've always wanted to do that with him.  It was a little awkward sitting there, but it was fun.  I think it looks more like Keith than it does me.  We finally left the zoo at 5pm and headed home.  Apparently everyone else had left maybe an hour before.

 Hippos are SO cool!  This one even yawned so we could see it's giant mouth.  It was fun to see them swim too.  There were two in the water.

 The elephant exhibit is HUGE.  Ada was determined to climb on the fake ones and didn't really care about the real one.

 The bus tour was fun.  It showed us lots of animals we'd already seen, but caught a few that we didn't. It was nice, definitely to me, to sit for a while.

The sky ride.  Apparently we are the only ones that did it in our group.  Everyone else was either afraid or worried kids would be afraid.  

We got back to our site and decided to start getting things ready to leave the next day.  We were both very tired, but it had to be done.  We took everything out of the van and and repacked all that we could so that in the morning all we had to do was pack up the tent.  That night dinner was our crockpot pot luck.  It was a yummy dinner and we actually got the eat WITH the family.  My kids really like the Costello kids so after dinner we just visited and hung around.  They had glow sticks and so Melissa, the Costello kids and us hung around the fire playing with the kids with the glow sticks.  At least we got included for something.  We got to bed a little late again, but we will had a great time.  I was SO grateful to go to sleep.  SO tired!

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