Thursday, July 24, 2014

CA Day 2 - Beach

Day two of the Reunion was to be beach day.  Keith's cousin Kim was going to get married there.  So, we were told everyone was going to the beach to play and then around 1pm they would do the wedding.  It was low key and so everyone was fine to just be in their swimming stuff.  We woke up and had breakfast and started getting ready.  However, we soon realized no one else was really up or getting ready.  We tried to play with the kids a bit around the campsite.  Finally around 10 we decided to just head out.  Apparently most everyone was waiting till closer to the wedding to go.  We wanted to go play and get as much time as we could playing.  We asked where we were suppose to go.  We were given rather vague directions.  A little concerned, since the beach is kind of...well a huge area, we headed out hoping maybe we would fine the right beach and area.  We got the the supposed beach and looked for a spot.  We decided on a spot that had a big pile of sand and sea weed.  It was a little hill and seemed like it would be an easy place to locate for others (if anyone ended up joining us).  We set up our pop up canopy and set up our chairs.  The girls were SO excited to get in.  We sun screened up and headed out.  Ada was so brave and went in with Keith.  Her favorite game is to jump over the waves or wait till they were close and then run away.  Rue was anxious to get in, but being smaller she was more tentative of waves knocking her over.
 They were SO excited about being at the beach.  This is what Ada had been talking about and looking forward to since we started talking about coming.  We felt bad leaving before the family, but we really wanted to have lots of time to play.  It was REALLY nice to have the pop up canopy so we could hide from the sun some.  The girls were good about sun screen and they did keep their hats on most of the time.
 Their first approach to the water's edge.
 Ada loved playing in the water with her daddy.  They are so cute together.  He wanted to take her out swimming, but she didn't want to.  She did go out pretty far with him though.  I'm proud of her to trying and being willing to go with him.
 She would play in the water for a while and then go bury herself in the warm sand to warm up.  I remember not always loving the beach.  I don't like having sand certain places, and I don't love being sticky from the water.  I think I also struggled because I always wore glasses.  It isn't much fun to play at the beach when you can't see because you have to take out your contacts, or wearing water spotted glasses.  Now that I can just see and not worry about that, I LOVE it!  We had such a great time together and the girls really did love it.  Sand was EVERYWHERE, but they were happy and so were we.

 We had to keep an eye on Rue.  She has a tendency to wander off and make friends with strangers.  There were a few times she ran off chasing seagulls or just wandering up to random people to say hi.
 People did start showing up after and hour or so.  It was actually quite miraculous.  No communication was shared after we left the group for the beach.  But then, we suddenly see people showing up just where we were.  They said they saw the sea weed pile and thought it was a good landmark.  Perfect, we didn't get totally left out.  Keith had fun going out swimming with his cousins and nephew.  I don't swim in the ocean.  I'm a chicken, plus I'm already unbalanced with the baby.  Not willing to take chances with the baby.  The wedding was VERY low key.  Right before it started they said they wanted the little girls to be the flower girls and throw flower petals.  It was so last minute and chaotic, my kids didn't really understand.  So they gave them a sand pail with the petals and told them to toss them on the mat the couple would stand on.  My kids just walked over to the mat and dumped it out and ran back to me.  It was pretty funny.  They had no idea what was going on.  After the wedding, the wedding party all left and we just kept playing.  We had sandwiches for lunch.  After the wedding we had been told our "family craft" was to have a sandcastle competition.  So, my family got to work making our sandcastle.  Apparently that plan was changed too and we ended up being the only ones to make one.  Whatever, my kids had a blast making it with us.  I love that my family has fun doing things like that together.  My kids love creating, and Keith is so artsy's just fun for us.  We had fun and we were proud of our effort.  While we were making our sandcastles pretty much everyone else decided to leave.  We went back to our spot and everyone was gone except Keith's sister Melissa and her family.  They stayed and hung out with us.  We get along well with her family and I really like being around them.  She is pregnant too.  It's funny that the two prego ladies lasted the longest.  Keith went swimming agin with his nephew while we started putting things down.  We got all packed up and then headed out maybe and hour or two after everyone left.  I'm glad Melissa stayed and hung out with us.  We were feeling a tad left out from the group.  Our lives and schedules are different from everyone else because we have little kids.  Besides Melissa, we are the only ones with little kids.

We forgot to get a picture of all of us at the beach.  While walking back to the car we quick took this one.  However, we were all worn out and scraggly.  Rue was tired and throwing a fit.  Not our greatest family picture, but oh well.

We got back and cleaned up.  For dinner we were suppose to be having a wedding reception-ish BBQ. They were doing hot dogs and sides.  Apparently there was some confusion over who was suppose to be cooking said hot dogs.  After 5, (when dinner was suppose to start) hot dogs were brought to our campsite and Keith and Jason started cooking.  After 6, bacon was brought over and we were told that some of the hot dogs were suppose to be wrapped in said bacon.  The poor guys were bit frustrated.  Sadly, dinner didn't start till almost 8pm.  It was WAY too late for my kids.  They were a mess and hungry.  They just cried and were grumpy.  Kids don't wait very well for meals.  So we hurried and fed the the kids.  After the dinner was suppose to be the cutting the cake and then the birthday party gift exchange that we always do.  It was almost 9pm and the kids were just done.  Tired from the beach and getting up early we decided it was too much for them.  They were done.  I took them back to the tent and let them open the gift we had brought for them (a doll for each girl I'd gotten at Goodwill).  I laid there with them and got them to sleep then went and met up with the rest of the group (the group site was right by our campsite).  We did the gift exchange game.  Then we all headed to bed.  I was SO tired from the day and the next day was going to be very physically demanding too.

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