Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Busy Month of May

We were dedicated to getting things done in our yard this month.  As the heat quickly approaches we know if we don't get it don't it just wont get done till Fall.

 Just an update, Bruce is doing fine with no seeming side effects.  This is actually her favorite perch when we get them out at night.  They all love to climb on Keith and find a perch.  It's pretty funny! They are fully feathered now and we are putting the outside more and more.  The latch was put on the door to their coop the day after Bruce's attack.

 We still love playing outside even though it is heating up.  The girls love to race on the grass and have me count how long it takes them to get to the other side.

 Our garden has been producing and doing well.  We have gotten TONS of zucchinis.  Sadly, my squash that I bought was mislabeled at the nursery and was a patty pan squash and not summer squash. Not my favorite, but we made do.
 The chickens love to be outside.  They love eating grass and playing in the yard.  I'm still very careful and they are only allowed out to roam if I'm outside watching to make sure no cats come.  It's fun to see them grow and change from chicks to chickens.

Our biggest projects were putting in the block retaining wall.  We had to rip up the winter grass and plant summer grass.  We decided to put grass up around the tree as well to help keep the dirt from getting inside.  The other area we put down mulch and stepping stones.  It looks SO awesome.  It isn't finished, but I feel like things are much more manageable and most of the dirt is covered and not just being tracked inside.  It was a LOT of work and it's hard for my to physically keep up with what I want to do mentally.  I feel like it has taken forever, but our yard is finally getting done.  I love having a house and my own yard, but I think I never want to buy a house with a dirt lot back yard ever again. 
 before and after pictures of the top portion of our yard.

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