Tuesday, July 22, 2014

And the Baby IS.....

We had our Anatomy ultrasound the end of April.  I had to reschedule it several times with different things Keith had going on so finally I set if for a normal weekday at 1 and told him if he could make it awesome, if not I'd go alone.  I was still feeling VERY stressed about if it was a boy what do we name it.  If it's a girl how do we tell everyone we aren't telling names.  After last times nightmare we have decided NOT to share with people the name we choose.  That way people can't be mean to me before they even see my baby.  I was feeling very emotional and stressed about it.  We wanted to take the kids with us.  We thought it would be fun for them to be apart.  We got there and Keith was able to take his lunch break then and meet us.  We went in and the girls were a little confused about what was happening to me.  Ada gets nervous about doctor stuff.  She held my hand until she knew I was safe.  The lady got started measuring everything.  Then we got down to it...IT'S A BOY!!!!
I did start tearing up.  Sorry, but it's scary and new to me.  Keith had stopped by a dollar store and bought blue and pink bows.  He got out the blue bows and put one on each of us.  The ultrasound continued.  He (so weird to finally know that for sure) was facing my spine and the tech couldn't get a clear picture of his heart.  She had me moving around and pushing on my belly but still couldn't get him to move.  She finally gave up and said they may ask me to come back and get a picture of his heart later.  It had taken a while so Keith was anxious to get back to work.  We took a quick picture and sent out the word and then he headed back to work.  I took the girls to QT and got a blue slushy to share in honor of our BOY.  Rue could care less, but Ada was very excited.  I think she is going to be a big helper and I want her to be excited and feel important being the big sister.  So, there it is.  We are having a boy.  Now just to figure out how to do that.

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