Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Here We Go

Keith and I have been talking since September about timing to add another monkey to our circus.  We were starting to feel a little concerned and anxious as months kept passing and nothing.  In December my sister announced that they were expecting.  I was very happy for them, but disappointed that for some reason we couldn't yet.  I know it's silly to panic over 5 months when some have waited years, but it was hard and a learning experience.  Come January 10th, I was "late" and decided to take a test.  I only use dollar store tests so I usually take two.  I was trying to decide how to tell Keith.  Last time I made him a Father's day card with four people in the tent.  It was very cute.  What to do this time...
I finally just taped them up on the mirror in our bathroom and wrote "Ready or Not."  I waited patiently all day (not really, I just wanted him to come home and see).  He came home and headed to the room to change and such.  I waited in the kitchen for him to come out all excited...NOTHING! Nothing ALL night!  Seriously?!?  Boys take the fun out of everything.  I decided that I would take them down and put it on his steering wheel in the car.  He was bound to look at that right?  Well, we stayed up later-ish and by the time we went to bed I think I fell asleep on the couch.  I didn't get to move the "surprise."
Keith gets up early (usually around 5) to get ready to leave by 5:30am.  After his shower he came in and kissed me and said he say my surprise.  A little groggier than I had planned it was still fun to be excited together.
 Keith called later that day and said he couldn't stop smiling he was so excited.  He asked when he could start telling everyone.  I'm always nervous to share, especially this early on.  We decided not until February at the earliest.  It's always hard to not let everyone know, but safer I guess.  We decided not to tell the kids either until we told everyone.  They are a little young to keep secrets.  And so the sickness and misery began.  Only....9 more months to go.

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