Friday, April 18, 2014

Zoo Trips

We made two zoo trips in a week.  The week between Christmas and New Years we went twice to the zoo with different groups.  First we went with cousins.  We didn't really get to see the Gordons ON Christmas, so it was nice to let them play together.
Next, was with my cousin Rachel and her family.  They were in town visiting their in laws and we had one day that we could get together.  Rachel is my only cousin that is actually my age.  As we have grown up we have been very close.  Sadly, a few years ago her husband got a job in San Jose and they moved.  Now we only get to see each other a few times.  It had been over a year since I'd seen her kids.  The kids had fun playing together and I of course LOVE visiting with Rachel.  Her husband was sweet to tag along and just let us visit.  Both trips were worth it, I love spending time with people and being able to do something the kids enjoy.  So glad I have a zoo membership!

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