Friday, April 18, 2014

New Year's

We decided to try something new for New Years.  It's always been tricky now that we have kids.  They have to go to bed so we always have to end festivities early.  Teresa and I plotted to try having a party at her house and we would just spend the night there.  It worked, because then our kids could play together and then go to bed and we could still all be together.  Sherry and Troy came as well and Mom and Dad and Kevin and his girlfriend Jessica.  The kids played around while we played "Pit" for a while.  We had tons of snacks and games.  We even tried to play a disney character charades so the kids could play too.  It was fun

Around 8:30pm we decided to do sparklers with the kids and then get them to bed.  Rue thought they were SO cool.  Ada was still very nervous, but she at least held it this year.

I had to help Rue otherwise she was too crazy and careless with it.  They thought it was fun and then we put them all down for bed.  It was a bit tricky and a little frustrating trying to get the kids to calm down and stay in bed.
Mom and dad soon headed home, but we continued to play and have a good time.
At midnight we did adult sprinklers and sparkling cider.  It turned out to be a very fun night, probably the best since we had kids.  It was nice to be able to party after kids went down.

Keith has never been one to seek out a kiss at Midnight, but I made him.  I'm the romantic one I guess.
HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!  I'm not horribly sad to have this hear over.  It's been a rather difficult year.  There have been very wonderful ups (Keith's job and the house being my FAVORITE), but it has also had MANY struggles and sad elements as well.  I'm glad to be moving on!  Welcome 2014...glad for a new start!

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