Friday, April 18, 2014

New Year's Day

We all woke up the next morning (at the Service's house) and had a wonderful breakfast together.  Rue had woken up a few times during the night which was weird.  We assumed it was because she was some place new.  The kids played in the morning.  The boys (Tyler, Troy and Keith) sat their on their phones.  Teresa and Sherry and I just chatted.  We talked about going to see the new Frozen (Disney) movie.  We tried finding a sitter, but without success.  Teresa called mom and she agreed to watch them so we could go together.  Our time was short so we quick through our stuff together and headed out.  On the drive to mom's house Rue started puking...seriously PUKING!!! poor kid was Totally covered and couldn't stop.  We got to moms and cleaned her up and the seat.  Time was running out.  I felt bad, how could I just abandon my baby sick and miserable.  I felt bad leaving her with mom and asking her to deal with it.  We finally decided to go, but we got there a little late (just missed the previews, not the movie).  I have to admit I was a bit distracted during the movie thinking about Rue.  I did enjoy it and it was fun going with Teresa and Sherry (and spouses).  We hurried back and found Rue asleep.  Mom said she slept most of the time.  She never did throw up again, but she was tired and lethargic.   After we collected the kids from mom we headed home.  It was a fun few days, but of course it was WONDERFUL to be back home and have regularity.  Rue was fine by the next day and Ada never caught it.  Just another crazy day!  Happy New Year!  Great way to start off a new year.  Hope it isn't an omen for how the rest of this year will be!

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