Friday, April 18, 2014

Christmas day

Merry Christmas!  We had a wonderful time setting things up the night before.  Christmas really is so much more fun with kids.  We set out all their toys that we got at the work Christmas party.  Ada left cookies for Santa and I wrote her a note in reply.  She carried it around all day so excited about the response.  The girls got up around their usual time (7am).  We were SO cute when they came out.  We were worried about Ada liking the dragon stuffed animal, but she immediately wrapped up in it and stayed there.  They opened their stocking stuff first.  My favorite was when Ada opened her mio (a flavor drink additive.  It makes water turn to gatorade).  She has asked for it for a while since her friend drinks it.  She opened it however and said, "cool, armpit stuff" (aka deodorant).  We couldn't stop laughing.  It comes in a container close to a deodorant shape.  It was pretty hilarious.

We got Rue a pillow pet puppy.  She always wants Ada's pillow pet (strange..but they apparently love them).  She just stood there for quite a while hugging her doggie pillow.  So sweet.  She carried it around most of the day.
The girls didn't even notice their dress up stuff right away, but were thrilled when they did.  It was such a fun morning.  Keith got me some fun kitchen stuff, the new Despicable Me movie, and the Lord of the Rings movies.  Keith has always refused to watch them, but said he was willing to for me.  I got Keith this new knife he was wanting.
Christmas was suppose to be with my family this year.  So after the kids had a bit of time to enjoy we packed up as much of their stuff as they wanted to take and headed out.  We were the first ones out there.  The girls had fun showing Kevin and the grandparents their new stuffed animals.  Mom thought the giant giraffe was hilarious.  Teresa and Tyler came over with their kids and Ada was thrilled to have Kenna to play with.  Rue just follows them around trying to fit in.  Sherry and Troy came and we all just hung out chatting and stuff.  We played a few games together and of course ate food.  Sadly we didn't really get to see the Gordons before we had to head home.  We left early so we could make sure to get kids down on time.  It was a VERY relaxing and calm day.  We had a great time and everything went well.  So grateful for family and time together.  Grateful for the true meaning of this day.  I feel so blessed and am grateful for my testimony.

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