Sunday, March 9, 2014

Weekend after Thanksgiving

I would SO much rather spend my "Black Friday" setting up Christmas decorations.  I am one of those admit believers Thanksgiving must happen before I turn on Christmas music or put of Christmas decorations.  I LOVE Thanksgiving and want to enjoy it; not just skip over it.  In my house growing up, the day after Thanksgiving we would turn on Christmas music and decorate.  So, we try to do that.  We turn on music and get to work.  Keith is very particular about the tree set up.  He always does that.  Our poor little tree is small and looks quite dinky in our house, but it will have to do for this year.  The girls LOVE getting out the ornaments.  Again, Keith is quite particular about this.  Ada for the first time was more aware or "her" ornaments.  One of the traditions we have carried on from the Christians side is each year we get a new ornament.  Ada liked to see which ones were hers.  She is very proud of her baby one.

The first Saturday after Thanksgiving Cary has a Gingerbread tradition with the grandkids.  It's nice that it is early enough that we aren't frantically trying to fit it in to our insane December schedule.  The grandkids always go and have lunch with her and she helps them build gingerbread houses.  The kids love it and I think it's so sweet.  While the kids were there Keith and I ran to the dollar store and got stocking stuff for the kids.  Cary was even sweet enough to bring them  back home for us.

Sunday I couldn't help dressing the girls up all matchy festive!  I am a nerd and love to match the girls.  I LOVED their little Christmas outfits.  The skirt on Rue I actually made for Ada's second Christmas.  I loved it and was so excited for Rue to wear it.  I hadn't had a chance yet to make Ada a new skirt, so she just wore this one.

They are just so darn cute!  I'm excited to share this season with them.  We have been talked with Ada about the true meaning.  We even have a little nativity (little people) that Andrea gave us last year for the kids.  It has been the coveted toy the past few days.  The girls LOVE to play with it.  I'm excited to teach Ada about the season and to share in the festivities with them.  Love my family!

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