Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week before Thanksgiving

My sister bought a new house and moved in October.  They had lived in the same ward for over 14 years and it was a hard thing for her to do.  She hung in there and tried to keep things going for her family.  They only moved 3-4 miles East of their old house, but still.  We made several trips out there trying to help with packing, moving and then unpacking!  Before Thanksgiving Teresa and I decided to try and be helpful and take Ben to the zoo for her so she could get some stuff done.  The three older ones are within a year of each other and the younger two are 2-3 weeks apart.  They are good friends and I love to see them  play.  I love that Ada is more than 9 months younger than them...but the same size!

My Uncle John, who was AMAZING and so helpful during the move (and is also letting us use their old piano) had his 50th birthday right before Thanksgiving.  I had several Aunts and Uncles come in to town to celebrate.  They planned a big surprise party for him at a park in Peoria.  Keith had scout stuff so I got to go alone with the kids (that seems to be happening a bit between his job and scouts).  The park was AMAZING!  I wish we had one like that closer to me.  I didn't get to visit too much and I had to hang out in the playground watching kids.  Ada is pretty much afraid of everything.  She wants to be adventuresome, but fear holds her back.  Man, that totally makes me think of me growing up.  Anyway, she decided she wanted to figure out how to climb this "rock wall."  She needed a little guidance the first time (a few tears may have been shed by her), but afterwards she was fine.  I'm so proud of her for trying and pushing herself.

"Rue-ster" as I like to call her has found she likes to dress up in her sister's skirts.  She often puts on three or four skirts.  She still makes her stinkin' cute squinty smile.  I love the quirky personality of the kid.  She still isn't saying much.  I'm trying not to be concerned.  Every kid learns at their own pace and she will get better.

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